Zen Stream - Open Box
Zen Stream - Open Box
Zen Stream - Open Box
Zen Stream - Open Box
Zen Stream - Open Box
Zen Stream - Open Box
Zen Stream - Open Box
Zen Stream - Open Box
Zen Stream - Open Box
Zen Stream - Open Box
Zen Stream - Open Box
Zen Stream - Open Box
Zen Stream - Open Box
Zen Stream - Open Box
Zen Stream - Open Box

iFi Audio

Zen Stream - Open Box

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Ifi Zen Stream

Streaming unleashed!
  • Spotify Connect compatible audio player, Tidal Connect, Qobuz and DLNA from PC or NAS
  • Ideal for Roon Operation (Roon Ready Certification)
  • Via Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection
  • Digital outputs s/pdif and USB-DAC


Wi-Fi Audio Transport

Simply add the remote control

Under its elegant exterior, Zen Stream is a streamer-of-technological stream. It has a purpose: to send music from the Internet to your DAC without loss of quality.

True high resolution performance for music files up to PCM 384 / DSD256 through a WiFi / LAN network. Simply add your smart device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) as a remote control and voila.

Open source architecture: It works with multiple dedicated platforms, complete and perfectly prepared for the future since it is constantly updated.

Ease of use + Audiofila implementation. They are the fundamental bases of the streamers.


Streaming music change technology at music

The IFI Zen Stream is a true IFI innovative design: the hardware and software implementation is quite exceptional:

  • Two USB3.0 Superspeed ports with active noise cancellation Active Noise Cancellation II
  • Coaxial digital output s/pdif with the built -in Ipurifier
  • Power supply with Silent Power technology
  • IFI software developed with open source volumio as a starting point, then encoded and optimized by us to achieve the purest transmission software support.

These are some of the factors that explain why the IFI Zen Stream is in the handling of files of files up to PCM384 / DSD256 with a LAN and Wi-Fi connection (802.11n, with 100 Mbps in the 5 GHz band ).


"Exclusive" only for your ears

The IFI Zen Stream has one of the most optimized software platforms in the world.

From the device controllers to the kernel (the heart of the operating system), the shell (which interacts with the kernel), the applications and the user interface, everything is completely optimized for perfect operation and excellent sound performance.

An ingenious part of the IFI Zen Stream design is the ability to select between "exclusive" modes: individual configurations dedicated to specific modes of operation to offer the purest possible performance. All other programs close, to minimize "software fluctuation", an aspect that is often overlooked and negatively affects the quality of computer audio reproduction.

This ensures that Zen Stream is not simply an "expert in all trades", but also a teacher of all.

  1. All in one (aio) covers all modes
  2. DLNA transmission
  3. NaA Transmission
  4. Roon Bridge transmission*
  5. Tides transmission

*Raon Ready soon


Who is who of streaming

Just out of the printing press, the IFI Zen Stream has the following connectivity options:

  • Transmit directly from Spotify / Tidal applications with Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect
  • It works with any DLNA certified transmission application (our own application is imminent!)
  • AirPlay and Chromecast* Integrated: Simple transmission from Apple and Android devices
  • Compatible with Roon: Basically, it adds raon to any DAC
  • NAA operation along with Sygnalist's HQPLAYER software

*Chromect will be available in a future update.


Technology expert

Under the simple cash work is a great power in terms of technologies and components:

  • Powerful Microprocessor ARM Cortex of four nuclei and 64 bits
  • USB Interfaces and Coaxial Digital Output S/PDIF regulated by GMT Femtoprecision GMT clock to eradicate Jitter
  • Active Noise Cancellation II and Ipurifier Technologies for USB and Digital Coaxial S/PDIF interfaces respectively
  • Smart Ethernet switch controller
  • PSRR High, low inactive low current voltage regulators
  • High speed precision power supply controller of 1.6 MHz
  • C0G and Taiyo Yuden and Murata Low ESR Inductors


Audio hi-res certificate

This is a real high resolution device. It exclusively supports PCM of up to 32 bits / 384 kHz through Wi-Fi and Ethernet cable, in addition to DSD up to 11.2 MHz (DSD256). Highly unusual in a Wi-Fi transmitter.


All technologies in a single stream device

Our "exclusive modes" provide individual configurations dedicated to specific modes of operation to provide the purest possible performance.


All in one

This non -specific mode is ideal for all platforms, audio formats and devices.


DLNA transmission

Select this mode to optimize performance when you use Zen Stream with applications and devices compatible with DLNA.


NaA transmission

Select this mode when using Zen Stream as a network audio adapter along with Signalyst HQPlayer software.


Roon Bridge transmission

Select this mode when integrating Zen Stream into a raon environment.


Tidal transmission

If you are subscribed to the Tidal Masters level, this is the mode for you.


Double Band Wi-Fi 2.4GHZ /5GHz

Use the "Hotspot" button on the front to join a Wi-Fi network.

The double-band Wi-Fi reception is compatible with 802.11a / b / g / n / AC for a rapid and reliable wireless connection.


4 -core ARM Cortex processor

The circuit design has been thoroughly designed to offer excellent sound, with the processing power supplied by an ARM Cortex four -core and 64 -bit Microprocessor.


USB 3.0 Superspeed ports with Active Noise Cancelling II technology

The USB ports, both entrance and output, are compatible with the Superspeed USB3.0 standard and benefit from IFI Active Noise Canceling technology to eliminate the distortion of the audio signal.

Similarly, the S/PDIF coaxial output incorporates IFI IPurifier signal purification technology.


Femtoprecision clock

Both two digital outputs, USB and digital coaxial s/PDIF, which provide connectivity to an external DAC or an amplifier with digital inputs, are regulated by the GMT circuits (Global Master Timing) of FEMtoprecision of IFI to eradicate the fluctuation of the signal of digital audio.


Ethernet Network Connectivity

Smart Ethernet. The device uses a high performance Ethernet switch with a 5-port integrated gigiga.


High PSRR Voltage Regulation

We have used high PSRR Voltage regulators, low inactive current and low drop with soft start. This means maximized efficiency and a minimized system noise.


High frequency regulation power supply controller

Add to this, a 1.5 MHz synchronous food supply controller for a large noise reduction and even less distortion.


Taiyo Yuden and Murata condenser coils and condenser

The carefully selected circuit components, including discretes of high quality surface assembly, such as coils and ceramic capacitors Multicapa TDK C0g of Taiyo Yuden and Murata, add up to the construction quality of this product.


Technical specifications 

Compatible formats
Format Details
PCM 384 KHz
DSD 256 (11.4 MHz)
MQA Fully compatible
Digital outputs
Exit Details
USB 3.0 2 x USB 3.0 (Type A)
Digital Coaxial S/PDIF 1 x s/pdif
Red connections
Connection Details
Wifi 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
Ethernet Yeah
Entry by USB
Entrance Details
USB HDD Firmware updates through OTA and USB-C at the back
Energy consumption
Consumption Details
No signal 6 w
Maximum signal 10 w
Feeding voltage
Strain Details
DC 9 V / 1.8 A - 15 V / 0.8 A
AC 100-240 V, (50/60 Hz)
Dimensions Details
General 35 mm (high) x 158 mm (width) x 100 mm (bottom)
Weight Details
General 578 g


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