Zen Dac V2 - Open Box
Zen Dac V2 - Open Box
Zen Dac V2 - Open Box
Zen Dac V2 - Open Box
Zen Dac V2 - Open Box
Zen Dac V2 - Open Box
Zen Dac V2 - Open Box
Zen Dac V2 - Open Box
Zen Dac V2 - Open Box
Zen Dac V2 - Open Box

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Zen Dac V2 - Open Box

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This Zen Dac V2 It is the same high -resolution USB DAC awarded/ headphones amplifier as before, but with an additional touch.

We have updated its digital engine of an 8 -nuclei Xmos chip to a 16 -core chip. It is ultra-capaz while still being super affordable.

Compact enough to use as a DAC / USB amplifier on your work desk and elegant enough to use at home with your favorite active speakers or amplifier, it offers a specification and performance level that exceeds its super affordable price.

The Zen Dac V2 admits PCM and DXD to 32 bits / 384 KHz, DSD256 and MQA. Dsdsigue being "a little perfect" thanks to the design of the True Native Burr-Brown chip.


16 nuclei = strong point

Thanks to 16 core technology, the Zen Dac V2 is now a MQA decoder instead of a rendering.

This allows you to reproduce MQA audio files and transmissions, delivering the sound of the original master recording. The LED lights in green or blue to indicate that the unit is decoding and reproducing a MQA flow or file, and denotes the origin to ensure that the sound is identical to that of the source material.

It is illuminated in blue to indicate that a MQA Studio archive is being reproduced, which has been approved in the study by the artist / producer or has been verified by the owner of the copyright.

MQA rendering technology (used in the original Zen Dac among other IFI products) is connected to a MQA Core signal (such as Tidal) and completes the final deployment of an MQA file. This product will include 'flow block' but cannot decode an MQA flow or authenticate it.


Soft and balanced

A new and improved low fluctuation clock means> 20 dB of better performance. Super low noise performance means that the Zen Dac V2 will remain silent even in noisy situations such as yachts or recreational vehicles.

The balanced design for the analog scenario, unusual and is not at this price, makes it quite special and offers the best sound quality, which is normally found in higher price models.

The Zen Dac V2 Sports Pentaconn 4.4 mm Balance two outputs at the front and rear. In the front, there is also the popular 6.3 mm headphones.



Change effortless between 'variable' and 'fixed'.

Established in 'Variable', use the Zen Dac V2 as a preampler to feed a power amplifier or active speakers.

In 'fixed' to omit volume control. Connect to an external preamplifier or integrated amplifier.


Energy. Driving. Benefits

Our headphone amplifier has PowerMatch: switching gain to combine perfectly with its headphones. For IEM, normally of high sensitivity, leave PowerMatch in its lowest configuration to listen without whistles.

Supraaural headphones with relatively low impedance require more power; Press PowerMatch to increase the conduction level.


Low as well

The Zen Dac V2 has Truebass. This patented technology is a "commutable serious reinforcement that operates in the analog domain. There is no DSP with IFI equipment.

Truebass improves serious but does not cloud the media. Perfect to use with Open headphones that often lack serious.

The Zen Dac V2 is the last groundbreaking machine. Prepare and let your zen come out.

  • He 16 -core xmos chip Process the audio data received through USB and S / PDIF digital inputs.
    This new low latency microcontroller has a very improved processing power. Compared to the current generation of eight -core chips, this new 16 -core IC offers twice as a watch speed (2000mips) and four times the memory (512 kB), as well as the last USB Superspeed standard.
    IFI's internal digital development team has programmed the XMOS firmware to optimize sound quality and guarantee a perfect association with the DAC Burr-Brown.
  • The set of Burr-Brown True Native Chips It means that the file formats remain unchanged or 'bit perfect'. This means that he is listening to music as the artist conceived in the format in which he was recorded.
    In Ifi we use Burr Brown extensively in our products and select it for its 'musicality' of natural sound and its architecture True Native. Our experience with this IC means that we know how to make the most of it.
    Reproduction of Hi-Rres True Native of all music formats from MP3 to DSD256, PCM384 and DXD384.
  • MQA It is an award -winning audio technology that allows music fans to transmit the original master recording to your home, car or mobile device. In the words of Gilbert O'Sullivan, iconic singer -songwriter born in Ireland, “the best thing about MQA is that it offers the delicacy in the sound of the desktop. It's tremendous, it sounds very good. ”
    MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) is compatible through the USB with complete MQA files of up to 384 kHz thanks to the processing power of the new 16 -core new XMOS chip.
    This means that the complete decoding process of 'three stages' is carried out internally, instead of only the final deployment in the way of a 'rendering' MQA.
    Worldwide, MQA has become an important consideration for any comprehensive equipped DAC. It is available through Tidal Masters, Audirvana and Roon.
  • Extensive technologies of Eradication of JitteR to the digital stage, including our GMT femtoprecision clock (Global Master Timing) and the smart memory buffer.
    The low fluctuation clock has been updated to offer a performance greater than 20 dB.
  • The circuit balanced It is a method superior to the traditional single-Ended type circuit approach. Balanced circuits reduce noise and diaphonia. Less interference: clearer sound.
    Normally, find this product configuration at the upper end of the price spectrum, such as Pro Ican, but IFI is now using this in all its range to produce audio of the best quality for all our customers.
  • Truebass: It offers genuine serious with realistic depth and definition.
    Everything, from timbales to a bass, through a low electronics line, is transmitted with power and poise.

Technical specifications


Guy Details
USB USB 3.0 B (compatible with USB 2.0)


Format Details
DSD DSD256 / 128/64, octa / quadruple / double / unique speed
DXD 353 /384 kHz
PCM 384 / 352.8 / 192/176.4 / 96/88.2 / 48/44.1 kHz
MQA Compatible


Guy Details
Dac Bit-Perfect DSD and DXD DAC of Burr Brown

Line section

Characteristic Details
Output voltage (RCA) Single Ended: Fixed: 2.1 V, variable: 1 v / 3.3 V max.
Output voltage (4.4 mm) Balanced: Fixed: 4.2 V, variable: 2 v / 6.2 V max.
Zout ≤200 ohms (balanced), ≤100 ohms (single inded)
Signal/noise ratio <-116 dB (a) to 0 dBfs (Balanced / Single EDED)
Dynamic margin (DNR) > 116 dB (A) A -60 dbfs (Balanced / Single EDED)
Total harmonic distortion (THD+N) <0.0015% to 0 dbfs (Balanced / Single Ended)

Headphones section

Characteristic Details
Output power (balanced) > 380 MW at 50 ohms,> 70 MW at 600 ohms
Output power (single inded) > 280 MW at 32 ohms,> 36 MW at 300 ohms
Note With 5V feeding. If you feed from USB, the output power can vary.
Output voltage (6.3 mm) Single Ended: Variable: 1 v / 3.3 V max. (12 - 300 ohms)
Output voltage (4.4 mm) Balanced: Variable: 2 v / 6.2 V max. (12 - 600 ohms)
Departure impedance <1 Ω (Bal / SE)
Total harmonic distortion (THD+N) <0.005% (125 MW at 32 ohms)
Signal/noise ratio > 113 DBA (6.2 V Balanced / 3.3 V single)

Energy consumption

State Consumption
General <1.5 W by USB feed or 5 VCC voltage source (feeding source not included)


Dimensions Details
Unit 30 mm (high) x 117 mm (length) x 100 mm (wide)
With box 35 mm (high) x 160 mm (length) x 117 mm (width)


Weight Details
Unit 491 g
With box 0.8 kg


Sku: Zen Dac V2ob

Open Box Product - Open Box
Our Open Box products are completely original, they are at a lower price since they have been opened to perform quality tests, lot and finished check, they are practically new, their boxes can come aesthetically imperfect but the product is total and fully functional and In a perfect condition. They also have their 270 -day guarantee for factory defects.