IEMATCH 4.4MM - Open Box
IEMATCH 4.4MM - Open Box
IEMATCH 4.4MM - Open Box
IEMATCH 4.4MM - Open Box
IEMATCH 4.4MM - Open Box
IEMATCH 4.4MM - Open Box
IEMATCH 4.4MM - Open Box
IEMATCH 4.4MM - Open Box

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IEMATCH 4.4MM - Open Box

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*This specific article has severe damage in the box, however, this does not interfere with the operation of the product.




Do you want to optimize your balanced sound?

The new IEMATCH4.4: Best sound, reduced whistle, lighter voices.



Optimize your balanced listening with the IEMATCH4.4.

It works with all 4.4 mm balanced devices. The IEMATCH4.4 cable has an ultra sensitivity setting (-24 dB) and high gain (-12 dB) to help you make the most of even your headphones of headband and most sensitive in-to-to-oar atrial.

Be benefit from a better sound, greater dynamic range, the reduced bottom whistle and clearer voices.

Once tested, your listening will not be the same.


Simple. Instant. Improved.

As with our previous IEMATCH devices, only use between its headphones or in-to-to-to-to-to-to-headphones headphones and the output of your smartphone phone, DAP (digital audio player) or music source to improve playback in a simple and instantaneous reproduction.

  • Recover a 24/16 -bit audio resolution
  • Noise reduction of 12 /24 dB
  • No frequency loss loss

Change the desired volume level on the march to guarantee a safe and comfortable listening while enjoying a lower background noise and a maximum dynamic.


Sensitive solution

The IEMATCH4.4 offers two sensitivity settings:

  • High: for high sensitivity headphones (reduces gain by 12 dB)
  • Ultra: For ultra sensitivity headphones (reduces gain by 24 dB)

We suggest trying both to see what listening level works best with your headphones and listening preferences.


Intelligent custom cable

The construction of the Minz cable is a personalized helical design. It is minimized both in capacitance and inductance.

This helical design also provides intrinsic armor and protects the RFI radiofrequency interference interference cable and EMI electromagnetic interference. Noise to ensure the cleanest transfer means possible.


Do you know that you normally lose at least 2 bits of resolution when you listen to your favorite clues at normal listening levels?

This is because it cannot be heard at full volume. Well, you can but you run the risk of damaging your audition.

The use of IEMatch allows you to raise the digital volume and recover those 2 bits safely.



Specification Detail
Sensitivity adjustment Ultra (-24 dB) and high gain (-12 dB)
Cable design Personalized minicoidal construction
Armor Intrinsic armor provided by Minz Helix
Drivers 6n silver/copper matrix wiring with aluminum alloy and final magnesium housing6063-T5
Printed circuit board Gold veneered with audiophile components
Connectors Macho/female connectors of 4.4 mm gold plas

Specification Detail
Input impedance <40 ohms (high sensitivity), <50 ohms (ultrasensitivity)
Departure impedance <8.4 ohms (high sensitivity), <3.6 ohms (ultrasensitivity)

Dimensions and weight
Specification Detail
Length 116 mm
Weight 17.5 g




Open Box Product - Open Box
Our Open Box products are completely original, they are at a lower price since they have been opened to perform quality tests, lot and finished check, they are practically new, their boxes can come aesthetically imperfect but the product is total and fully functional and In a perfect condition. They also have their 270 -day guarantee for factory defects.