Zen Signature Set Mz99
Zen Signature Set Mz99
Zen Signature Set Mz99
Zen Signature Set Mz99
Zen Signature Set Mz99
Zen Signature Set Mz99
Zen Signature Set Mz99
Zen Signature Set Mz99
Zen Signature Set Mz99

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Zen Signature Set Mz99

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Zen Signature Set Mz99


Memorable - magical - magnificent.

The Zen Dac Signature V2, Zen Can Signature Mz99 and the 4.4 mm balanced cable that accompanies are the perfect combination for their 99s Meacles.

A match made in Meze

The Zen Signature Set Mz99 is composed of the Zen Dac Signature V2, the new Zen Can Signature Mz99 and our high -performance 4.4 mm balanced cable.

The Zen Can Signature Mz99 has a unique equalization curve that takes full advantage of the already magnificent Mece 99.

Zen Dac Signature V2 

This Zen Dac Signature V2 is the improved version of our original Zen Dac Signature, a pure DAC that benefits from the real -differential balanced circuit design. It has updated circuit components and short and direct signal routes for optimal signal purity.

It offers perfect PCM (up to 32 bits/384 kHz), native DSD (up to DSD256) and DXD.

The use of 16 cores Xmos chip, instead of the 8 -core original, means that it is now a complete MQA decoder instead of a rendering.

It offers a pair of RCA plugs for a single end connection to an amplifier, in addition to a balanced output of 4.4 mm.

The complete benefit of the balanced circuit design of the Zen Dac Signature V2 stands out when connected to an active amplifier or speakers equipped with a balanced input. It can be a balanced input of 4.4 mm or XLR stereo inputs through a 4.4 mm to XLR cable.

It can change between 'variable' and 'fixed' outputs.


Zen Dac Signature v2 from ifi audio


Zen Can Signature Mz99

The Zen Can Signature Mz99 has a carefully calibrated equalization curve to complement the MEME 99 Classics. Adjust the acute to obtain more 'vivazity' and improve the serious media-lows to extract the last drop of sonic goodness of these already musical headphones.

Its Activeq personalized configuration combines active and liabilities to create this special equalization curve. Take a look at the Mece's curves and compatibility table here.

The Zen Can Signature Mz99 also works with the Mece 99 NEO and the Mece 99 of Drop. Activeq can be turned off to make the most of all internal headphones and monitors.

The Zen Can Signature Mz99 also uses Xspace. This is an analog processing that compensates for the 'internal location' effect that can occur when mixed clues are heard with a pair of speakers in the headphones.

It has PowerMatch: four profits in steps of six dB: 0db, 6DB, 12DB and 18DB.

The Zen Can Signature Mz99 has a dual-mono symmetrical balance circuit. It offers 1600 MW (7.2 V) to 32 ohms from the exit of a single end, with 15 V+ available for loads of 600 ohms or more through the balanced output.

It houses RCA stereo inlets and one end of 3.5 mm, in addition to a balanced balanced input of 4.4 mm. It has a 6.3 mm outlet for headphones that have a standard one of a single end and a balanced balanced 4.4 mm for headphones that offer a balanced connection.


4.4 mm cable to 4.4 mm

The 4.4 mm IFI cable to 4.4 mm uses silver matrix conductors and heavy continuing smelting copper with a total 14 AWG thickness for the best signal transfer.

It is a perfect complement to our Zen Signature Set Mz99, since this audiophile cable will provide a balanced signal transfer of maximum quality and minimal interference.

Cable construction is a personalized helical design, minimized both in capacitance and inductance. It has an intrinsic armor provided by the Helical Construction Minz ™. This protects the RFI and EMI noise cable and provides the cleanest possible transfer.

To further isolate the cable, we use an HD Supersuave (60p) polymer that meets Rohs with resistance to 1500 V sparks and excellent dielectric properties.

IFI Audio Balanced 4.4mm to 4.4mm cable


The complete audiophile set

*Limited time offer*