Zen Signature Set HFM
Zen Signature Set HFM
Zen Signature Set HFM
Zen Signature Set HFM
Zen Signature Set HFM
Zen Signature Set HFM
Zen Signature Set HFM
Zen Signature Set HFM

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Zen Signature Set HFM

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Zen Signature Set HFM

Enter the exclusive Zen Can Signature HFM of IFI Audio: a totally analog amplifier with a switable equalization circuit specifically designed to make the most of the Hifiman headphones range.


Tuned up.

The original Zen Can, our totally analog headphones amplifier, had the ability to handle difficult headphones loads with a balanced circuit design, incredibly low distortion levels and exceptional sound. The Zen Can Signature 6xx brought this design even further, with a specific sonic adaptation for 'MassDrop X Sennheiser HD 6xx' headphones.

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Now, we have perfected a new Zen Can Signature to work with Hifiman headphones: the Zen Can Signature HFM.

This personalized Activeq configuration is adjusted by experts throughout the frequency response curve to get the best out of these headphones, which are already extraordinary.


Check out what is in the box.

IFI Active.
Our Activeq function combines active and liabilities to create a specific equalization curve that adapts to a pair of concrete headphones. This is done in the analog domain without adding any additional noise or distortion.

The Zen Can Signature HFM has an Activeq finely adjusted to Hifiman's planares headphones.

Hifiman headphones offer remarkable transparency and have a very open sound scenario. The Zen Can Signature HFM improves the texture of deep serious and injects more immediacy in the upper media.

An equalizer. Many models.
By pressing the Zen Can Signature HFM HFM button, its signal is calibrated to complement the response characteristics of the headphones throughout the frequency range. In this way, its performance is adjusted so that it works with the Hifiman headphones.

Excellent results are obtained with the Sundara, HE-4xx, HE-400S, Edition X and HE-5 headphones, to name just a few. Check out our Curve and Compatibility table of Hifiman.

As in our previous Zen Can Signature model, this function can be activated or deactivated. Without activated Activeq, the performance of Zen Can Signature HFM is intelligently balanced to get the best of all other headphones and ear monitors.


Gain, gain and more gain.

The Zen Can Signature HFM has four gain adjustments in six DB steps: 0db, 6db, 12db and 18DB. We have called it PowerMatch.

This allows the amplifier to adapt precisely to connected headphones. Unitary gain (0DB) is useful for guaranteeing a low noise level with sensitive ear monitors, while higher gain adjustments take full advantage of the toughest headphones loads, offering excellent dynamic space.

This analog processing compensates for the "heading in the head" effect that can occur when headphones are used to listen to music mixed with a pair of speakers.

It expands the sound scenario of the headphones to offer a more spacious experience and similar to that of the speakers.

There is nothing better than the balanced.
The ZEN CAN Signature HFM circuitry is a symmetric and balanced double monkey design - a topology normally reserved for high -end headphones amplifiers - with a series of key elements that have been extracted from the discrete circuitar of class A developed for the IFI flagship headphones amplifier, the Pro ICAN.

The key components have been updated to improve online performance with the improvements made at the Zen Can Signature HFM, including the use of Panasonic OS-Con Condensors and Elna Silmic II.


Force of nature.

The amplifier offers an excellent drive capacity, providing 1600MW (7.2V) to 32 ohms from the simple output, with 15V+ available for loads of 600 ohms or more through the balanced output.

The Zen Can Signature HFM continues with the reputation of its predecessors and offers an ultra -abuse distortion, a rich sound detail and an attractive dynamic, as well as the ability to handle all kinds of headphones easily. It is a force of nature.


Stay connected.

The Zen Can Signature HFM offers RCA stereo and 3.5 mm in a single end, in addition to a balanced 4.4 mm Pentaconn input. There is also a balanced output of 4.4 mm so you can connect to power amplifiers equipped with a balanced input.

It has a pair of headphones outlets: a 6.3 mm output for headphones that have a standard one of a single end (compatible with all headphones) and a balanced outlet 4.4 mm pentaconn for the headphones they offer A balanced connection.

An increasing number of high-quality in -ar headphones and monitors are thus equipped or give the option to disconnect the cable and move to a 4.4 mm pentacon connector, and this exit takes advantage of them to the fullest (it is especially recommended for high impedance headphones).


A luxury combo.

The Zen Can Signature HFM can be combined with the new Zen Dac Signature V2.

You can buy each unit separately and a "set Zen Signature HFM" is also available. This includes the two Zen Signature units plus a high performance pentacon cable of 4.4 mm (valued in 69 pounds if purchased separately) to connect them to each other.

When used together, the two Zen Signature form an unbeatable headphones system, desktop size, both for digital and analog listening.

A fully discreet and balanced amplifier audio circuit. The complete symmetric dual headphones amplifier with a balanced connection of 4.4 mm gold plans. First quality engineering is more expensive, but reduces background noise to very silent levels.

As in many other IFI audio products, we have incorporated a personalized OV series operational amplifier. This first -class component contributes to extremely low noise, downward distortion (0.0001%) and wide bandwidth.

Panasonic OS-Con Capsules, with a total of 5.410UF, offer very low equivalent series resistance (ESR), an excellent noise reduction capacity and frequency response characteristics. In addition, the OS-with have a long shelf life and their ESR changes little even at low temperatures since the electrolyte is solid.

A multipist potentiator of Tokyo Cosmos Electric Co. (Tocos). This has a narrow channel coincidence tolerance for optimal performance (it is always used above 11 hours).

The switching between the adjustments has been designed to guarantee sonic transparency with an advanced trench technology mosfet that is used as a silencing switch.

This switching based on the FET is managed by a microcontroller, which only "awakens" when the user changes an adjustment, thus eradicating any harmful sound interference.

Ceramic capacitors TDK C0G (Class 1) offer great stability and low losses for resonant circuit applications.

More and more approaching the theoretical ideal of pure and constant frequency, these capacitors reduce distortion induced by the condenser to incredibly low levels.

They have a high price, but they are a perfect complement to our products.

We use Elna Japan Silmic II capacitors for food sources.

The main dielectric component of new development is silk fiber. It was believed that this material was as unfathomable as an electrolytic aluminum condenser. The new material exceeds silk fiber and mixture with Manila hemp fiber to provide dielectric to an electrolytic aluminum condenser used for high quality music. The result are higher acoustic properties and excellent linearity.



TICKETS 1 x pair rca
3.5 mm minijack (not balanced)
4.4 mm minijack (balanced)
Headphones output 6.35 mm (not balanced)
4.4 mm (balanced)
4.4 mm (balanced) rear
REVENUE 0 dB, 6 dB, 12 dB, 18 dB
Thd + n (weighted a) 0.0066% (balanced)
0.0058% (Single Eded)
Output impedance (HP) <2 ohms (balanced)
<1 ohms (single inded)
Zout output impedance 200 ohms (balanced line output)
Signal/noise ratio 122 dB (balanced)
Dynamic range -122 dB (balanced)
FREQUENCY RESPONSE 10 Hz - 200,000 Hz (-3 dB)
Function button HFM and/or Xspace adaptation
IM D 0,01%
POWER Maximum output power (16 ohms): 3.0 V / 600 MW (BAL), 4.0 V / 1000 MW (SE)
Maximum output power (300 ohms): 5.1 V / 756 MW (BAL), 7.6 V / 196 MW (SE)
Maximum output power (600 ohms): 15.2 v / 385 MW (BAL), 7.6 V / 98 MW (SE)
Maximum consumption 13 W / 2.6A
DIMENSIONS 35 mm (high) x 160 mm (wide) x 117 mm (bottom)
WEIGHT  0.85 kg




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