Zen Phono 3
Zen Phono 3
Zen Phono 3
Zen Phono 3
Zen Phono 3
Zen Phono 3
Zen Phono 3
Zen Phono 3
Zen Phono 3

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Zen Phono 3

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Note: If you have doubts about the compatibility of this product with your tornamese, we send a message to provide assistance and help you select the most appropriate option.


Turn on, tranquility.

In a world full of noise, welcome to Zen.


Futuristic characteristics. Nostalgic feeling.

In a world where modern technology is constantly evolving, simplicity and connection are what we long for. Nothing demonstrates this better than the family act of choosing your favorite LP, listening to the soft crunch before it begins and sharing a story or two with friends while listening together.

If this is the type of connection you want, then a well -designed phonus scenario is essential for your vinyl configuration. Take the subtle whispers from your capsule and amplifies them hundreds of times, making the magic of your vinyl compatible with headphones, amplifiers, receptors and speakers. The Zen Phono 3 opens the door to that analog world with style and substance. With an intelligent deformation filter and versatile load options, you can listen to your dear LP as new and completely experiment with the configuration of your system.

Equipped with drip technology of our prestigious story with the sister company AMR, the Zen Phono 3 is an update without noise that will allow you to return without problems the wonderful world of vinyl.


Higher specifications.

Zen Phono 3 has futuristic characteristics such as no other basic scenario:

Mm/mc with gain range of 36-72 db
Independent load adjustment
Super silent noise floor of -151 dBV
RIAA needs with balanced exit
Intelligent subsonic filter
Clean power supply of 1.2 MHz high technology


Very smart. Super subsonic.

Standard subsonic filters are not intelligent and, usually, audiophiles hate them. They filter not only the noise of the bass of the deformed albums but also the bass of the song.

Our intelligent subsonic filter knows the difference between the two and only filters the Warp, leaving the song completely intact, and without adding group delay.


Your cartridge. Your rules.

The Zen Phono 3 admits four mm/mc gain selections from 36 to 72 dB and four entry impedance configurations.

Mix and combine gain and load configurations independently with the new load button, which guarantees optimal compatibility with a wide range of cartridges and allows you to obtain the "perfect" sound.


Demanding equalization.

In the vinyl mastering stage, the discs are pressed with an applied inverse riaa equalization curve. This should be undone during reproduction on the phono stage to reveal the magic of music.

The RIAA EQ circuit of Zen Phono 3 uses multiple TDK C0G capacitors in parallel. This is to achieve the best stability and the least distortion.

This allows the Riaa of Zen Phono 3 reproduction equalization curve within a tolerance of +/- 0.15 dB from 20 to 20 kHz, which allows you to listen to your albums with greater precision than ever.

Its Riaa precision is on par with the most expensive phono stages that use manually selected capacitors.


Surprisingly silent.

Zen Phono 3 has a clean high -tech power supply integrated directly, isolated on its own "island" and away from the rest of the plate.

The isolation of the power supply mitigates the noise of the analog stage, ensuring that the audio is only amplified and allowing the background noise to remain silent.

The equivalent input noise of Zen Phono 3 measures -151 dBV, which is 20 dBV quieter than some class a+stereophile phones. *

To obtain optimal noise performance, be sure to provide cleaner energy to your phono 3.

The IFI IPower2 is an ultra -silent and ultra clean audiophile grade power supply, which has Active Noise Cancellation II technology to cancel all the emi and RFI noise incoming. You will never feel helpless again at noise and granulated.


From the launch of the first iPhone in 2012, we have used our own internal subsonic filter. As only a minimum vertical modulation remains at very low frequencies with a real cutting LP that can be reproduced, we know that the "vertical modulation" in low frequencies must be deformed.

By completely understanding how LPs are cut and reproduced, it is possible to strongly filter the deformation of the disk without attenuating the bass at the same time or add group delay.


As with many other IFI audio products, we have incorporated a personalized OV series operational amplifier. This first level component contributes to extremely low noise, low distortion (0.0001%) and wide bandwidth.


TDK C0G capacitors (class 1 ceramics) offer high stability and low losses for resonant circuit applications.

Each and closer to the theoretical ideal of pure constant frequency, these capacitors reduce capacitor -induced distortion at extremely low levels.

They are expensive but they are a perfect complement to our products.


Integrated Texas Instructed Integrated Circuits Instruments offer a large unitary gain band, noise and very low distortion, high output unit capacity, food source rejection relations and common mode of more than 100 dB, wide width of maximum output oscillation band and high response speeds.


With mm/mc, high/low and very low, Zen Phono is able to handle almost any capsule. From 36 dB to 72 dB. Then, as your vinyl system grows over time, Zen Phono will always be up.


Balanced circuit design. Simply not seen at this price, it is a method higher to the traditional single -end circuit approach. Balanced circuits reduce noise and diaphonia. Less interference: clearer sound.


High Q and Bajo ESR multilayer capacitors, Murata control type. The aspect of "ESR control" of the Murata is something special. Your noise suppression capabilities are impressive.



Profit configuration Mm 36DB
MC High 48DB
Low mc 60DB
MC V-Kajo 72DB
Maximum output voltage (RMS) Bal 100kΩ: ≥19.98V (THD+N <1%)
600Ω: ≥12.75V (THD+N <1%)
HE 100kΩ: ≥10.07V (THD+N <1%)
600Ω: 7.94V (THD+N <1%)
Departure impedance ball 200Ω
HE 100Ω
Input impedance Mm: 47 kΩ (100/200 pf)
High MC: 47kΩ (100/200pf)
Low mc: 1k/400/100Ω
MC V-Kajo: 1k/400/100Ω
SNR Mm 91DB (A)/82DB (80khz BW non -weighted)
(2 V balanced, 1 V of a single end) MC High 81DB (A)/72DB (80khz BW non -weighted)
Low mc 89.6 dB (a)/80 dB (80 kHz BW non -weighted)
MC V-Kajo 78.6 dB (a)/69 dB (80 kHz BW non -weighted)
Harmonic distortion Mm <-91 dB/0.0027 %
(2 V balanced, 1 V of a single end at 600 Ω) MC High <-80 dB/0.0095 %
Low mc <-70DB/0.031%
MC V-Kajo <-73DB/0.022%
Channel separation > 75 dB (1 kHz in all modes)
Frequent response ball 20HZ-80KHZ (-3DB)
HE 20 Hz-20 KHz (-0.15 dB)
Dimensions (Length x width x height) 158 x 115 x 35 mm (6.2 ”x 4.6” x 1.4 ”)
Net weight 456g
Power supply requirement CC 5 V/0.5 A (Positive Center)
Energy consumption No signal ~ 1.5W; Maximum sign ~ 1.8w


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