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Zen Can 3
Zen Can 3
Zen Can 3
Zen Can 3
Zen Can 3
Zen Can 3
Zen Can 3
Zen Can 3

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Zen Can 3

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Zen Can 3 From Ifi Audio
Zen Can 3 From Ifi Audio


Serenity in every detail
With the darkest background, the tiny details are discovered.


Incredible power

Clarity without compromises

Today, the world is agitated, fast and full of noise. We know the power of music and how it is capable of transporting you outside this world towards some new place. A quiet place where melodies can raise the mood and voices can move to tears.

The incomparable clarity of Zen Can 3 envelops you with raw emotions, without adulterating. Listen to the breakdown of a voice, the growth of a choir, the delicate whisper of a piano: each note and nuance is delivered with impressive precision. The Zen Can 3 lights night listening sessions with its ability to boost headphones, from IEMS based on XMEMS to high -end planares, offering up to 2,000mw of output power through the same class A circuit found on our flagship flagship , the Ican Phantom.

Ilisrate the chaos of the outside world with our new analog EQ modes, allowing total immersion during intense games and films marathons.



Zen Can 3 From Ifi AudioCharacteristics prepared for the future.

The Zen Can 3 now supports IEMS that use XMEMS, an innovative microaltavoc technology that expands the limits of headphone yield.

  • Ultra fast mechanical response, 150 times faster than a typical dynamic controller.
  • 2nd flat phase response for a more precise sound reproduction.
  • Phase pairing of +/- 1 ° for a more precise space sound. Silicon speaker diaphragm, 95 times more rigid than plastic, for a lower speaker distortion and a medium less muddy range.

By incorporating the XMEMS amplification pioneer that is first found in the IDSD Diablo-X flagship, the Zen Can 3 can offer the necessary voltage for the optimal operation of this avant-garde technology, carrying Xmems the power of Xmems to a completely new audience and ensuring that you are prepared for the future as it happens.


Clear steps

Clear voices

Have you ever experienced see an exciting scene just to fight to listen to what the characters say? This frustration is shared by many, since streaming content often has lost dialogues between background sounds and music.

Enter the film mode, an EQ specifically designed to improve the clarity of dialogue in streaming content, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in the narrative without striving to listen or decipher what is said.

The game mode is designed to directly meet the needs of those looking for any possible advantage in competitive games.
Players understand the importance of listening to even the most faint sounds that can reveal the position of an opponent or point out a threat that is approaching.

The EQ of the game mode improves this aspect of the game by sharpening subtle and low -level sound effects, ensuring that each sound becomes more distinctive and easy to locate. Either sailing in intense battles or stealthily approaching enemies, this improved auditory sensitivity allows you to keep a step forward with your opponents.


Zen Can 3 From Ifi Audio  
Prodigious power

With its impressive 2,000mw output power, the Zen Can 3 offers a significant improvement in the way you experience music through headphones, with a clarity and margin of unprecedented maneuver.


Its ability to handle dynamic peaks easily means that you can experience music as it is supposed to be heard: vivid, enveloping and deeply moving. More than simply volume, it is about feeling the music to resonate in you, stirring your soul and creating a connection that transcends the mere sound.

Whether they are flat magnetic headphones that require more power for precise driving or high impedance models that need a wide current delivery, the Zen Can 3 is up to the challenge.


Upper components

Class A sound

The Zen Can 3 presents discrete circuits of class to derived from our flagship of flagships. These circuits are based on first -quality components of Panasonic, TDK, melf, Texas Instruments and Murata carefully selected.

The amplification stage has the OP-SAMPS themselves of the IFI/AMR OPRICSSVESTärker) series, surpassing commercial chips that use low quality and economic aluminum copper wire.

The performance of Zen Can 3 is optionally improved by feeding it with an ultra silent power supply. The SilentPower Ipower2 offers more than 10 times silent than other solutions for audiophiles, guaranteeing that the clarity you are looking for is never compromised.


Zen Can 3 From Ifi Audio

Purity without DSP

Unlike other offers for audiophiles, all the characteristics of Zen Can 3 are carried out with analog circuits instead of digital signal processing (DSP), where the audio signal is manipulated before becoming truly analog sound.



On the other hand, the Zen Can 3 takes advantage of the natural advantages of the analog circuits: it maintains the integrity of the sound, introduces less lag and distortion, and offers a more natural frequency adjustment.

The IFI XBBB XBBS+ Grave Improvement is designed to make the serious blow with more force without compromising the clarity of the average range, perfect for when you listen to IESS or open design headphones that lack serious response.

Xspace recreates the expansive sound scenario of the speakers, transforming listening with headphones of something confined and 'inside your head' to something natural and spacious. This technology makes music come alive, offering a sound experience similar to that of a concert without losing detail or resolution, all achieved through the innovative design of our circuits.


Majestic measurements
Output power:

Zen Can 3: 1,600mw
Lptop headphones: 30MW

52 times more headphones power



Upper sound soundly richer, deeper.

The XBBBAS® Graves® Graves Correction System corrects the lack of bass response from the headphones/speakers.




As with many other IFI audio products, we have incorporated an operational amplifier of the custom OV series. This first category component contributes to extremely low noise, low distortion (0.0001%) and wide bandwidth.




A multivia potentiometer Tokyo Cosmos Electric Co. (Tocos) is used. This has a nearby channel coincidence tolerance for optimal performance (always use it above 11 o'clock).


TDK C0G capacitors (class 1 ceramic) offer high stability and low losses for resonant circuit applications.

More and more approaching the theoretical ideal of pure and constant frequency capacitance, these capacitors reduce distortion induced by the condenser to insignificant levels.

They are expensive but they are a perfect addition to our products.



Low noise emission ICS instruments offer large unitary gain bandwidth, very low noise and distortion, high output drive capacity, common rejection relations and power supply of more than 100 dB, widths of Maximum exit band and high increase rates. 



Discrete class is a circuit that has come directly from the IFI flagship headphones amplifier, Ican Phantom, which is up to 16 times more expensive than Zen Can 3.


Technical specifications 

Input voltage
Voltage Details
General CC 5 V / 2.5 A
General CA 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Analog inputs
Entrance Details
Is rca l/r 2.0 V nominal at 0 dbfs, 1 megohm zin
Se 3.5 mm 1.0 V nominal at 0 dbfs, 1 megaohmio zin
Bal 4.4 mm 4.0 V nominal at 0 dbfs, 24 kohm zin
Maximum entry level
Entrance Level
It is rca 3.8 V RMS
Se 3.5 mm 1.92 V RMS
Bal 4.4 mm 7.4 V RMS
Departure impedance
Exit Impedance
Bal 4.4 mm HP <2 ohms
Se 6.3 mm HP <1 ohmio
Headphones output (RMS)
Exit Level
Bal 4.4 mm > 11.5 V/2000 MW (@ 64 ohms)
Se 6.35 mm > 7.2 v/1600 MW (@ 32 ohms)
Headphones output (max.)
Exit Level
Bal 4.4 mm > 15.1 v/385 MW (@ 600 ohms)
> 6.2 v/1200 MW (@ 32 ohms)
Se 6.35 mm > 7.6 v/98 MW (@ 600 ohms)
> 7.2 v/1600 MW (@ 32 ohms)
Exit Level
Bal 4.4 mm > 21 VPP, 22 ohms, 11 V CC polarization

Sign/noise ratio (SNR)

Exit SNR
Bal 4.4 mm ≥ 125 dB (7.3 V 0 dB entrance at 600 ohms)
Se 6.35 mm ≥ 122 dB (1.9 V 0 dB input at 600 ohms)
Dynamic range (DNR)
Exit DNR
Bal 4.4 mm ≥ 119 dB (a) at 0 dbfs
Se 6.35 mm ≥ 119 dB (a) at 0 dbfs
Total harmonic distortion + noise (THD + N)
Exit THD+N.
Bal 4.4 mm <0.006 % (@ 360 MW/2.4 V 16 OHMIOS)
Se 6.35 mm <0.006 % (@ 100 MW/1.27 V 16 OHMIOS)
Line output impedance
Exit Impedance
General <200 ohms
Departure level
Exit Level
General 4 VRMS (load of 0 dB 200 kohm)
Setting Details
General 0 dB, 6 dB, 12 dB, 18 dB
Frequency response
Frequency Range
General 10 Hz - 200 kHz (-3 dB)
Energy consumption
Consumption Details
No signal ~ 5 w
Maximum signal ~ 13 w
Dimensions Details
General 158 x 117 x 35 mm (6.2 x 4.6 x 1.4 ")
Net weight
Weight Details
General 495 g (1.09 pounds)
Limited guarantee
Duration Details
General 12 months*