Zen Blue 3 - On request
Zen Blue 3 - On request
Zen Blue 3 - On request
Zen Blue 3 - On request
Zen Blue 3 - On request
Zen Blue 3 - On request
Zen Blue 3 - On request
Zen Blue 3 - On request
Zen Blue 3 - On request
Zen Blue 3 - On request
Zen Blue 3 - On request

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Zen Blue 3 - On request

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LimitleH.H. Lossless.

Welcome to a new standard in Bluetooth audio.


Audiophile sound. Wireless freedom.

The wired world is changing. Where the cables reigned before, the Bluetooth audio is making its way, and with the arrival of the Bluetooth audio without loss, the gap between the audiophile options with and without cables is narrower than ever.

The Zen Blue 3 joins these two worlds spectacularly. Based on the resounding success of the Zen Blue range, we took everything that made them great and dared to go further.

Adding Aptx Lossless was our ‘little step’. Our ‘great jump’ came when we add the ability of Dac USB and the Bluetooth transmission. With USB inputs, optics and even available analog, there have never been more ways to connect to the music you love, while enjoying the freedom of wireless hi-res audio.


Cut the cable. Keep the quality.

The Zen Blue 3 offers wireless audio without concessions, incorporating Bluetooth audio without loss thanks to the Bluetooth audio chip flags QCC518x of Qualcomm and the Aptx Lossless codec.

With a maximum bits rate of 1,200 Kbps, Aptx Lossless is the first and only Bluetooth codec currently capable of sending and receiving CD quality audio wirelessly without losing data during compression. For example, if your phone is compatible with Aptx Lossless, you can transmit high quality music without loss from your phone to your high fidelity system.

Are you not ready to join the party without loss? Don't worry, we have covered you. The broad retroactive compatibility of the Zen Blue 3 guarantees that all current main Bluetooth codecs are admitted: Aptx Lossless, LDAC ™, LHDC/HWA, APTX Adaptive, APTX, AAC and SBC.


Comparison of maximum Bluetooth bits rates


Forging new connections.

In this increasingly wireless world, high -resolution bluetooth headphones and TWS (True Wireless Stereo) are essential for audio enthusiasts. However, the need for a Bluetooth connection often makes them incompatible with your domestic audio system.

The Zen Blue 3 demolishes this barrier with the Bluetooth transmission in all compatible codec, including the APTX lossless with CD quality.

Connect your Zen Blue 3 to audio sources such as laptops, mobile phones or televisions through USB-C, SPDIF or even analog RCA, and introduce your favorite headphones or headphones favorite to the rest of your audio world.

Whether for a nighttime vinyl .


Versatility engenders possibilities.

Even with all this innovation in sight, the Zen Blue 3 has even more tricks under the sleeve.

Taking advantage of the QCC518x chipset capabilities, along with a Dac EsS Sabre dedicated and Hi-Fi circuits, it exceeds most Bluetooth transmitters and receptors.

The Zen Blue 3 can also function as a completely wired DAC, offering 96 KHz/24-bit audio through USB-C, or 192 KHz/24 bits through SPDIF, which can be emitted by balanced analog outputs of 4.4 mm or rca.

Wiring and wireless? Is it too much to ask for both? We believe no. 

That synchronizes everything.

Whether you are losing yourself in a great movie or immersing your favorite video game, few things take you out of the moment as a delay in audio. This is a notorious problem with other Bluetooth products, but for the Zen Blue 3, this is simply another opportunity to highlight.

By using the low latency mode of the Zen Blue 3 with a receiving device that supports Aptx Low Latency, the audio shipping and reception time is drastically reduced. What your eyes see, your ears listen to it, returning to the moment, where you belong.


Balance in everything.

With so many HI-RES audio options for the Zen Blue 3, making balanced circuits are available for users is more important than ever.

By including a balanced line output, users with a balanced audio system can expect a significant reduction in signal noise and diaphonia between channels, providing all clarity without audio interference.

Performance can be further improved with the optional food source SilentPower Ipower2, which presents the exclusive active noise cancellation technology II.


Discreet chipset Ess Sabre Hyperstream Dac with Jitter eliminator in the time domain, discreet oscillator and dynamic range of 112 dB for demanding listeners.



It is a method superior to the traditional single -end circuit approach. Balanced circuits reduce noise and diaphonia. Less interference means a clearer sound. Normally, you would find this configuration in products located at the upper end of the price spectrum, such as the Pro Ican Signature, but IFI is now using it in its entire range to offer the best audio quality for all our customers.



As with many other IFI audio products, we have incorporated an operational amplifier of the custom OV series. This first category component contributes to an extremely low noise, a low distortion (0.0001%) and a wide bandwidth.



A key advantage of the DAC ESS Sabre chip is its Hyperstream architecture with integration of the Jitter eliminator in the time domain, which offers an almost non -existent distortion and a high dynamic range.


Technical specifications

  • Bluetooth: Qualcomm QCC518X series
  • DSP: CT5302
  • Dac: Es9023
  • Amplifier: Max97220
Mode Tickets
RX mode Bluetooth 5.4 (Aptx Lossless, Aptx Adaptive, Aptx, LDAC, LHDC/HWA, AAC, SBC)
TX mode USB, Optics, Coaxial, RCA L/R (Analog)
DAC mode USB, Optics, Coaxial, RCA L/R (Analog)
Mode Departures
RX mode Optics, coaxial, rca l/r, balanced 4.4 mm
TX mode Bluetooth 5.4 (Aptx Lossless, Aptx Adaptive, Aptx, LDAC, LHDC/HWA, AAC, SBC)
DAC mode Optics, coaxial, rca l/r, balanced 4.4 mm
Maximum supported sampling frequency
Mode Sampling frequency
RX mode 96 kHz/24 bits
TX mode 96 kHz/24 bits
DAC mode 96 KHz/24 bits (USB), 192 kHz/24 bits (optics/coaxial)
Output voltage
Exit Voltage
Balanced 4.4 mm 4.1 VRMS (0dbfs@1khz)
Single -end rca 2.05 VRMS (0dbfs@1khz)
Departure impedance
Exit Impedance
Balanced 4.4 mm ≤ 102 Ω
Single -end rca ≤ 51 Ω
Sign/noise ratio (SNR)
General 109 dB
Dynamic range (DNR)
General 109 dB (0dbfs @ 1khz) +A
Total harmonic distortion + noise (THD + N)
General <0.005% (10k Load)@(20-20khz)
Frequency response
Mode Frequency
General not specified
Power supply requirements
General USB-C or DC 5V/≥0.5a (Centro +)
Energy consumption
General <1 w
General 158 x 115 x 35 mm (6.2 "x 4.5" x 1.4 ")
Net weight
General 447 g (0.99 lbs)