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iFi Audio

Zen Air Blue

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Ifi Zen Air Blue

Let the air in

Enjoy an unparalleled Bluetooth HD transmission from your smartphone phone, tablet or computer.

Obtain the highest sound audio sound quality with the Zen Air Blue

The Zen Air Blue is a high quality Bluetooth audio receiver.

Convert the Bluetooth audio streams with smartphones, computers or tablets in an adequate audio transmission for headphones, amplifiers and active speakers (speakers that work with their own power supply).

Listen to the difference

The Zen Air Blue will give you the highest sound quality from your device (your smartphone, computer or tablet phone), since it works with the highest audio resolution level of any Bluetooth system.

IFI updated the internal Bluetooth system to avoid the 40% drop in audio quality that is normally experienced with standard Bluetooth (compared to the audio transmitted by cable).

It is the ideal way of wirelessly connecting your intelligent device to a sound system in super high resolution (high resolution).

Effortlessly and very easily

The IFI Zen Air Blue is ideal as part of a new and simple configuration for someone who has just started with the audio and wants to experience the high quality of music streaming applications such as Apple Music, Tidal and Qobuz.

Simply connect your laptop, smartphone or tablet to the Zen Air Blue through Bluetooth and connect the IFI Zen Air Blue to its amplifier or active speakers through the RCA connections in the back.

Safe compatibility

The Zen Air Blue is compatible with any Bluetooth stereo audio codec (signal) currently available in the market.

  • SBC: Standard Bluetooth used by most audio devices
  • APTX: Better than SBC, widely used, which is found on Android devices
  • AAC: Better than SBC, widely used, which is on Apple devices
  • APTX HD, APTXLL and APTX Adaptive: Variations of an APTX improved
  • LDAC: extremely high quality, designed by Sony
  • LHDC: extremely high quality, designed by Huawei

Basically, whatever the device you are using to transmit music through Bluetooth, we have it covered.

HD quality streaming

It is also an easy and reliable way to add Bluetooth streaming to an existing configuration or improve the sound quality of any speaker or system that uses standard bluetooth.

  • Compatible with Bluetooth V5.1
  • Excellent wireless reach
  • Excellent stability
  • Soft yield

Let the air enter your system and remove the cobwebs.

High fidelity components

The IFI Bluetooth implementation does not use a SOC (system in a standard chip) as seen in other devices. Use a combination of quality elements to extract the maximum of each stage.

The Qualcomm chip routes the digital Bluetooth® signal without processing a specialized Sabre chip to convert the digital to analog signal; Any fluctuation is eliminated using our GMT femt precision watch system to provide Bluetooth that is a higher cut.


Set of discrete components ESS Sabre Hyperstream Dac with eliminator of fluctuations in the time domain, discreet oscillator and dynamic range of 112 dB for demanding listeners.

Time Domain Jitter Reduction

A key advantage of the ESS Sabre Dac chip is its Hyperstream architecture with Time Domain Jitter Integrated qualifier, which offers extremely low distortion and a high dynamic range.

Integrated Texas Instruments Circuits

Integrated Texas Instructed Integrated Instruments circuits offer a large unitary gain band, noise and very low distortion, high output control capacity, common mode and rejection relationships of the power supply of more than 100 dB, wide Maximum output oscillation band and high response speeds.

TDK capacitors

TDK C0G capacitors (class 1 ceramic) offer high stability and low losses for resonant circuit applications.
More and more approaching the theoretical ideal of pure constant frequency, these capacitors reduce distortion induced by condenser to extremely low levels.
They are expensive, but they are a perfect complement to our products.



Chipset QCC5100 Qualcomm Series
ENTRANCE Bluetooth 5.0 compatible with AAC Codec, SBC, APTX, APTX HD, APTX Adaptive, APTX LL, LDAC, LHDC, HWA CODEC
Analog outputs 1 x Audio RCA (L/R)
FREQUENCY RESPONSE 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz +0/-0.5 dB (44.1 kHz)
1Hz - 44,000 Hz +0/-3.0 dB (≥ 88.2 kHz)
Output voltage @ 0DBFS 2.05V (± 0.05 V)
Dynamic range 109DB (A)
Signal / noise ratio 109DB (a) @ 0dbfs
Total harmonic distortion (thd & n @ 0dbfs) <0.0015% at a load of 10 kΩ at 0 dbfs
Departure impedance <50Ω
FEEDING DC 5V, ≥0.5a
DIMENSIONS 35 mm (high) x 158 mm (width) x 100 mm (bottom)
WEIGHT 295 g


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