Silent Power Gnd Defender
Silent Power Gnd Defender
Silent Power Gnd Defender
Silent Power Gnd Defender
Silent Power Gnd Defender
Silent Power Gnd Defender

iFi Audio

Silent Power Gnd Defender

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GND defend IFI audio

Earth control.

Eliminates the buzz of the speaker.


Terrestrial control to main components.

The optimal configuration for each system is a land for the entire system. If a system has multiple lands, it often creates unwanted land loops. These systems will then issue an annoying low frequency buzz (emitted by the speakers).

The current solutions endanger (i) both safety and EMI armor (for example, a cheater plug), or (ii) the EMI armor. And most are exclusive uses of a single country (USA).

The GND defending, in the right way, intelligently detects a earth loop and cut the earth for that component.


Land detection by AI.

With a GND defending at the IEC feeding input, it will detect and intelligently eliminate the earth loop in the component.

Behind this, the GND defend:

  • Intelligently break the CC earth loops to eliminate the dirt from the earth loop.
  • EMI armor is preserved
  • Team safety is not affected (it is not a land lifting, so it maintains the security of the equipment on land)

If there are multiple earth loops, more than one GND defend is required.

The GND defending is smarter than the average terrestrial elevator. For a long way.


Acoracado construction.

The GND defending is not only at the forefront in terms of technology but also security:

  • High -performance glass semiconductor
  • High cash resistance of 1500 VRMS listed by UL
  • X7R condenser
  • High temperatures stability
  • Take/connector/fire resistant IEC chassis
  • Igniphos Polymers UL94-V0

Remember that the best practice is to always keep at least a direct feed cable connection.


EMI armor is preserved.


Overload classification against overvoltage of 220 A. with a maximum classification> 10 A and a continuous current classification of 7 A, handles all voltages worldwide, from 90 to 240 V.



Land detection of AI Each unit will automatically disconnect the Earth on that device
Safe Earth Automatic restoration of ground connection to pass current if a fault is detected
Voltage 90 - 240 volts
Overtime overload classification 220a
DC classification 10A (1100W - 2400W)
CEI Universal Hospital degree IEC connectors
Dimensions 68 x 37 x 32 mm / 2.7 ”x 1.5” x 1.3 ”
Weight 61 g/2.2 ounces