iPhono3 Black Label + Ipowerx 15V
iPhono3 Black Label + Ipowerx 15V
iPhono3 Black Label + Ipowerx 15V
iPhono3 Black Label + Ipowerx 15V
iPhono3 Black Label + Ipowerx 15V
iPhono3 Black Label + Ipowerx 15V
iPhono3 Black Label + Ipowerx 15V
iPhono3 Black Label + Ipowerx 15V
iPhono3 Black Label + Ipowerx 15V
iPhono3 Black Label + Ipowerx 15V
iPhono3 Black Label + Ipowerx 15V
iPhono3 Black Label + Ipowerx 15V
iPhono3 Black Label + Ipowerx 15V

iFi Audio

iPhono3 Black Label + Ipowerx 15V

Sale price$ 22,699.00

Note: If you have doubts about the compatibility of this product with your tornamese, we send a message to provide assistance and help you select the most appropriate option.


Beauty and the Beast

Listen to each note. 


For vinyl records

Black polished mate. Super silent base noise.

Our prior to phono circuits use only the best audiophile components. Operational amplifiers compatible with computer, high gain bipolar output transistors to Nichicon audio grade capacitors. And much more.

He iPhono3 Black Label Sounds stellar. Listen to your LP album.


Silent nights

With an impressive 85DB super low base noise (according to the Stereophile standard) iPhono3 Black Label It is established as one of the most silent phono.

Like any good prior of Phono, amplifies the signal, not the noise. The silent background noise is there so that any audio system at home perceives it. Take it for a handling test from the comfort of your favorite listening chair.


Exact equalization

Precise and explosive equalization curve of 108dB dynamic range. Your hearing room becomes a concert hall.

The technology used in Phono's previous iPhono3 Black Label It means that it presents the 6 most popular stereo equalization curves.


Establish and forget

Its capsule (needle) has been carefully designed. Either mm or MC, there are no two identical capsules in performance.

Phono's previous iPhono3 Black Label, as the AMR PH-77 from which it descends, allows you to configure the precise load/gain for the capsule it has. Squeeze up to the last drop of performance of your precious capsule.


Designed to excite

Under the modest trace of Phono's previous Iphono 3 Black Label Technologies are found TUBESTATE and Directdrive Servsoss A class. Developed especially by AMR for IFI Audio.

All underpinned by some fairly special audiophile components of Burr-Brown, TDK and Nichicon. To name only a few.

With such dedicated circuits and dedicated components, it has a very low background noise and THD measured of an incredible <0.005%.


X Men

The iPhono3 Black Label is special. It should be fed by something special.

Comes with the power supply ifi ipower x, the latest in energy supply technology.

iPhono3 Black Label + ipower x = super duo


Class to Tubestate

The "magic" of solid state tubes.

Our technology CLASS A TUBESTATE It is the result of almost four decades of research by our chief designer, Thorsten Loesch, in tubes and transistors teams.

The key is not to add distortion, but to avoid certain types of distortion. Once it is understood that specific distortions are endemic to solid state circuits and are pernicious with respect to the quality of subjective sound, we eliminate them from solid state circuits, without adding distortion and tube -shaped noise.


Combine precisely the equalization of LP discs!

Listen to vinyl recordings in the original and correct form. When investigating so much in an audio system, omitting the final percentage to correctly match equalization to the LP album is almost a sacrilege.


Direct Drive Servoonss

Look Mom. Without output coupling condenser.

Direct Drive Servoonss It is an important element of audiophile experience, which is not visible in measurements but is quite audible.

Unlike a standard phono previous design, the iPhono3 Black Label The tradition of special direct coupling design continues (that is, without coupling capacitor) of the capsule at the exit and does so without the need for a conventional dC serve.


DC Infinity

In it iPhono3 Black Label, The exclusive circuit DC-Infinity Increases the continuous current gain of the circuits to approach the infinity (approximately 1 billion one million times one million; 1012).

Once the feedback circuit is closed, this almost infinite continuous current gain cancels all compensation voltages to deliver a direct coupling output with compensation of 0V CC. THE CIRCUIT KEY DC-Infinity is that only the gain changes below approx. 0.01Hz, without modifying the alternating current behavior of the circuit at higher frequencies, without injecting noise or distortion into the audio signal.

Any noise and circuit distortion DC-Infinity It occurs at the same signal level as the output signal and, by design, is approximately 100 times lower than the noise and distortion of the real amplifier circuit, so it compares to the noise and real distortion of the prior of Phono. It disappears effectively.


Components of the best specialized manufacturers

Nichion audio capacitors, Panasonic Oscon/ECPU capacitors, melf resistance, TDK C0G capacitors ... the list continues.


FREQUENCY RESPONSE 10Hz - 100khz (± 0.3db) 
20Hz - 20khz (± 0.2db)
Dynamic range Mm (36db):> 108db (weighted a) 
MC (60DB):> 106DB (weighted a)
Noise signal relationship Mm (36db):> 85db (weighted at 5mv) 
MC (60DB):> 85DB (weighted at 0.5mv)
Overload margin Mm (36db):> 26db (ref 5mv, @ 1% thd) 
MC (60DB):> 22DB (REF 0.5MV, @ 1% THD)
Diaphon <-71DB (1khz)
Maximum output without distortion 7v (load> = 600 ohms, thd <= 1%)
Total harmonic distortion (THD) <0.005% (mm 36db 1v output 600r load)
Departure impedance <100Ω
INPUT VOLTAGE CA 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz
ENERGY CONSUMPTION <5W. Use with Ipower X (15V)
Do not use any other power supply.
DIMENSIONS 28 mm (high) x 58 mm (wide) x 158 mm (bottom)
WEIGHT 265 g


External power supply ifi ipower x

New power supply technology to feed Phono's previous iPhono3 Black Label.


Pure silence. Clean energy for Max.

With the components and technology Crème de la Crème, the ifi ipower x Clean in depth the background noise created in the electricity grid. Now it can be used with a broader variety of equipment.


Silence. Personified

He Ifi ipower Original provides an effective and clean energy solution for noise in your system.

But why not carry its power update to the maximum with the new IFI ipower x? 

Our new CA / CC power supply of ultrabajo has been optimized to take advantage of new knowledge, components and technology in the world of super high frequency food source design.


Active cancellation

He Ipower x use Active Noise Cancelation II to cancel all electromangical interference of entry or noise by radiofrequency interference.

This is the same technology that is used in active headphones with noise cancellation! Imagine how well block the noise of the cabin on an airplane compared to normal headphones?

This is what the Ipower x It makes its power supply.


Improved capacitors

As usual with IFI, each new design means not only to improve its external appearance but, more importantly, its internal functioning.

The input capacitors are now 50% larger and the output capacitors are 150% larger compared to the EMNPLOYED at the original IPower power supply.

In practical terms, this gives you more filtration, improved dynamics and unparalleled sound quality.


Crème Crème Components

We are using the last solid organic capacitors for a better suppression of high frequency noise. And the escape capacity is approximately 20 times less than its normal SMPs!

In a nutshell, there is no escape for unwanted noise!

With all Ipower x It will give 20% more power than the original IFI IPower and a greater amperage, which means that it can work with more equipment than ever.


Elegant and modern design

He Ipower x It comes with a new finish with a new cream/beige chassis for a fresh and clean appearance.

We have added several openings and the IFI logo feasted by a pleasant LED cyan light. There are no doubt when this mini work of art is on and connected to the electricity grid.

And as always, we are giving you freedom. He Ipower x It is interchangeable with the types of wall plugs worldwide (United Kingdom / United States / EU / Au is bought separately).


Because we also play music ...

Musician? Do you love your effect pedals but not so much when you fall in the middle of a concert? And your spare is not found anywhere?

Our IFI Ipower x He has a negative center adapter so he can use it correctly with his equipment.

Cleaner sound and more show!


Ipowerx for LED lights

Photography? No way. Ipowerx can also solve my flash LED light problem?

Yes, a current power supply and constant voltage such as Ipowerx will ensure that the current supplied to its LED system remains stable, regardless of CA feeding fluctuations in its outlet.

Based on military technology, our Active Noise Cancellation II improved  Actively cancel all incoming noise.

It does so in a similar way to active headphones with noise cancellation: it generates a signal identical to that of incoming electrical noise but in the opposite phase, actively canceling it. This is highly effective to eliminate low and medium frequency noise, while passive insulating filters handle more frequency interference. This combination is more effective to eradicate the noise that corrupts the USB signal than the devices that depend solely on passive filtering.

Reduce background noise in> 40DB (> 100x).


Compared to the original iPower:

  • The entry capacity is 50% larger; 47µF instead of 33µF.
  • Departure capacitance is 150% larger.

For better high frequency noise suppression, we add solid organic semiconductors to its output filter.

The noise of escape from Ipower x It is 20 times lower than normal SMPs (100PF vs.200PF).


INPUT VOLTAGE 100-240VAC (50-60Hz / 1.5A) 
(Interchangeable pins UK/US/EU/AU. They are sold separately)
Output voltages available 5V / 3.0A
9V / 2.5A
12V / 2.0A
15V / 1.5a
Output plug 3.5 x 1.35 mm
4.0 x 1.7mm
4.8 x 1.7mm
5.5 x 2.1 mm
Inverse polarity plug of 5.5 x 2.5 mm (white)
Floor noise ~ 1µv
DIMENSIONS 95 mm (width) x 50 mm (width) x 43 mm (high)
WEIGHT 195 g 



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