Idefender+ CC (USB-C A USB-C)

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Idefender+ CC (USB-C A USB-C)

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Does your audio still suffer the effects of buzzing and buzzing?

IFI IDEFENDER+ is for those fighting noisy audio due to unwanted land loops in its audio chain.

Overcome the rumor

Is your audio still full of hum and buzzs?

The use of multiple plugs within its audio chain means separate earth/land points. These multiple points of earth or land cause a loop of earth. Problem. This creates an unwanted chain of noise, buzzing and distortion.

Do not fight anymore. IFI Idefender+ provides the simple and effective solution you need.

Break the loop

When connecting to the USB of the source device, the IDEFENDER+ detects if there is a dirt of earth loop.

Break the Earth Circuit. At the grounds of the computer, and, in addition to eradicating the audible buzz of the earth loop, reduces the noise level of the system, improving the resolution and dynamic contrast.

Using a USB DAC?

Are you using the IDEFENDER+ with a DAC? What depends on the USB feeding of a computer instead of power grid or a built -in battery?

Good news. Idefender+ offers an additional benefit. If an external power supply is connected to the lateral USB-C take, it blocks the energy of the computer and, instead, feeds the DAC with "clean" energy of the external source.

If a high quality and silent current adapter is used such as IFI IFI X, the performance of the USB DAC will improve significantly.

New and improved.

We have updated the circuits; Low ESR tantalium capacitors have been added to improve the input and output filter. Filtering capacitance has increased 10 times.

The Idefender+ now comes in 3 versions and includes the newest USB-C connector.


Avoid rumors with Idefender+.

'Superspeed' USB 3.0 has a more exhaustive wiring specification that allows a greater amount of audio transfer while being compatible with previous versions. The units incorporate high quality gold plated connectors for optimal signal transfer.

Inject 5 volts of clean energy through the USB-C port separate '. This disconnects the USB feed from the PC and replaces it with clean external energy. For an ultrabajo noise, use our 5 volt ipower x ipower x.

To "break" the ground connection in the DAC fed by USB, it is necessary to add a separate 5 volts supply. This is not necessary for the DAC with a USB section with internal food.

Eliminates USB feeding noise by "breaking" earth loops in the right way.

It significantly reduces the background noise of the system and improves dynamic contrast, warmth and resolution.


USB Super-Speed ​​USB3.0 (and USB2.0 compatible with previous versions)
Connectors USB3.0 Gold Plate connectors
Dimensions 50 mm (length) x 20 mm (wide) x 9 mm (high)
Weight 6.6 g (0.23 oz)