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Go pod

Sale price$ 9,099.00

World class. Wireless

Headphones amplifier and DAC Bluetooth HD portable

Wireless go. Go pod.

He Go pod It is a pair of headphones amplifiers/DAC Bluetooth portable designed to make its intrauditive monitors (IEM) premium wireless.

It is the first device in the world compatible with Hi-RES 96kHz/24Bits with LDAC and Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound Bluetooth codes on TWS.

Given the quality of the circuits of the Go podWhen combined with a well chosen torque of high performance IEM, the resulting sound is much higher than any "true wireless" headset or Bluetooth headset.

Pair Go pods it is simple. First, disconnect the favorite cable and connect the headphones to the left and right modules. Then, match the pods with their source device (a smartphone, for example) and hook the ergonomically designed earmuffs around their ears to guarantee a comfortable adjustment ... The result is a Sound of TWS headphones (True Wireless Stereo) unique.

Bluetooth hi

The APTX 24 -bit APTX format of Qualcomm, which offers sampling frequencies of up to 96 KHz, with the additional benefit of QHS (Qualcomm High Speed) that provides additional additional bandwidth, 300 kbps of bandwidth. Other compatible codecs include APTX, AAC and regular SBC.

This means that all possible source devices are handled with the highest audio resolution that allows its Bluetooth specification.

Connectors abound

IEM manufacturers use a variety of connection types, but the one who uses your favorite IFI brand has it covered. The detachable bond for the OJE POD contains the IEM connector, and these are interchangeable.

The standard GO module package contains the MMCX and 2 -pin connectors of 0.78 mm.

Pentacon, T2 and A2DC connectors are available separately.


Clearly different

True wireless headphones are based on the SOC solution (System on a chip) to integrate the technology required into a small space. Crucial stages such as Bluetooth decoding, digital to analog conversion and amplification are all in one to save space and costs. This compromises sound quality.

The module Go It is clearly different. Each critical stage is designed separately and optimized individually to guarantee excellent sound quality: Bluetooth, DAC and amplification. Discover more about technology below.

Like high higher -level loyalty speakers, IEM with high quality cables are designed for sound excellence, combining multiple high -tech drive units to transmit the sound directly to its auditory channel.

Given the high level of audio engineering in both, connect a couple of these IEM to the device Go It results in a much better sound than that of normal wireless headphones.


He Go pod It comes with an intelligent design load case, with gently lined internal compartments and sufficient space to accommodate the connected IEMs, as well as the podes themselves.

A 1500 mAh rechargeable battery is integrated into the load case; a pair of Go pods They will play up to seven hours with a single load, while the case provides multiple recharges to allow up to 35 hours of game time. The case admits Qi wireless load and USB-C fast charge.




Automatic impedance detection 16 Ω / 32 Ω / 64 Ω / 300 Ω
Total harmonic distortion + Noise ≤0.002% (1khz/32Ω) @ (20-20khz)
Maximum output power 120 MW A 32 Ω; 4 V to 300 Ω
16 Ω: ≥ 0.98 v/60 MW
32 Ω: ≥ 1.96 v/120 MW
64 Ω: ≥ 2.77 v/120 MW
300 Ω: ≥ 4.0 v/53 MW
SNR 32Ω ≥ 129db (a) / 300Ω ≥ 132db (a)
THD+N. ≤0.002% (1khz/32Ω)
Bluetooth version Bluetooth 5.2
Bluetooth codec LDAC*, LHDC/HWA*, adaptive APTX, APTX, AAC, SBC
Bluetooth chips set QCCC 5100 Series
Frequent response 10-20 KHz (-3DB) LDAC
Dimensions (go pod) 43.5 x 16.4 x 9.5 mm
1.7 "x 0.6" x 0.4 "
Dimensions (load case) 116 x 76 x 38.5 mm
4.6 "x 3" x 1.5 "
Net weight 12 g go capsule (0.42 oz)
126 g case (4.44 oz)
Power system 5V/1A or 5V/2A QI certified charger
Battery Go pod 180Mah
Load case


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