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AC ipurifier

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Our multi -talented energy conditioner will clean its dirty electricity grid and make your music sound clearer.

The AC ipurifier is the last IFI product of the stable 'power' products for the cleaning of noisy power supplies.

It is not an ordinary network purification product. Technologically advanced, it is an active non -passive product, so it goes beyond and cancels much more noise in the entire frequency range than other passive devices.

This painting compares the CA ipurifier (green line), which is active, in front of generic network filters (red line) that are generally passive.

The effective noise reduction difference is as different as night and day.

Effective in the entire frequency range. A passive purifier filters only at the upper end of the frequency range.


All benefits of the audio system

The AC iPurifier was designed to be used in any audio system fed by the network. It is particularly effective to deal with modern audio systems that have a large number of generic and varied food sources (see the following section to obtain a more detailed technical explanation).

When extension blocks are used, the CA ipurifier can be used to isolate certain types of power supplies to obtain maximum noise reduction.


AC iPurifier - Characteristics

1. Military Noise Cancellation Technology (ANC), more advanced noise cancellation.

2. Wireless purification system Complex circuit that significantly reduces the noise of the food line without audible or visible side effects.

3. Diagnosis of Earth / Earth connection Earth detection / missing land.

4. Polarity connection diagnosis Polarity failure detection.

5. Audio ground connection This adds a solid land / earth with incorporated earth circuit prevention circuit.

6. Author Ecuperation of overthensis protection by survival.


Last purification product to benefit from ANC technology

Since we develop the active noise cancellation (ANC) internally, we have used it in all relevant products from the IPower to the micro IUSB3.0.

The AC iPurifier is the last product that ANC has on board. As the name implies, he actively cancels the noise that makes it one of the power accessories, if not the only one, which actively cancels.


Wireless purification system

The Wireless Purification System (WPS) is a complex circuit that reduces the noise of the feeding line without audible or measured side effects. This is important because those solutions, trying to stop the noise, also hinder dynamics. This is not the case with the AC iPurifier.


Modular design to suppress noise

With many modern audio systems, there is usually a network plugs. All of these add their own unwanted noise problems and contaminate the supply of the local network.

The design of the AC ipurifier is such that it is even more effective if several are used to "contain" the same type of noisy sources.

You can insert it into the CA's taking that supplies the audio system or insert it into the network extension block for the audio system. Try both locations to discover which one has the greatest impact on improved sounds.


Smart ground connection

There are more than a few CA cleaning devices that add an additional land / land, but only the CA ipurifier has 'intelligent land'. You can buy the 4 mm optional extra soil cable to give the audio system the best possible earth, but will only actively provide a land / earth (if it detects the lack of one *. It will not create an earth loop).


Detection of 'intelligent polarity and earth'

When it comes to network CA, there are two common mistakes that people can commit when configuring a system. The first has to do with the polarity and incorrect orientation of the Pins of the US and EU type network.

Intelligent Polarity automatically informs you of an incorrect orientation when changing to a red LED.


The second error is the lack of earth / land.

In a system where there may be a land / earth or not, simply insert the CA ipurifier into the system and will be indicated in one way or another.

When the two LEDs (below) come on in green, everything is in order.


Survoltage overthensions


Last but not least, in the rare cases in which there is a peak of surge (for example, due to an over -the surge of the electricity or lightning), the CA ipurifier will automatically turn off and will prevent electricity from passing through his system. This should protect your valuable and highly sensitive damage feeding equipment.





 Noise reduction > 40DB (> 100x)
PROTECTION Max. 30.00A @ 1V /10US
Voltage 90V- 265V
DIMENSIONS 105 mm (length) x 40 mm (wide)
WEIGHT 126 grams


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