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iFi Audio

Zen One Signature

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Ifi Zen One Signature

The Ifi Zen One to govern your home. You will only need your DAC (Bluetooth + usb + s/pdif)

Our Ifi Zen One Signature takes the DAC circuit stage of the Ifi Zen Dac V2, Add entries s/pdif (optics and coaxial) together with the USB port, incorporates the bluetooth technology of the Ifi Zen Blue V2 and season the boat with signature grade circuit improvements to create a delicious audio concoction.

The result? The Zen One Signature is a pure DAC (no headphones or volume control amplifier) ​​that serves as a domestic audio center for all its digital devices, from smartphones and tablets to PC and Mac, disc readers and audio servers, audio servers, TV and video game consoles. 


DAC Entry center for all digital signals

The IFI Zen One Signature is the first IFI Zen Dac compatible with all high resolution: DSD256, PCM384, MQA 384 KHz, Bluetooth 96 KHz.

  • High resolution bluetooth of 96 KHz: LDAC, HWA/LHDC, APTX Adaptive/HD/LL, AAC
  • USB audio with low latency microcontroller 16 Core 2000 MIPS XMOS (MQA decoder)
  • 4.4 mm output totally balanced

Design purity, without headphones amplifier, without volume control. The definitive DAC for all your domestic audio sources.


High definition bluetooth

The latest generation Bluetooth HD technology of the IFI Zen One Signature guarantees the best sound of all sources.

Broad compatibility with high -definition codecs: APTX HD, APTX Adaptive, LDAC and HWA/LHDC.

The high gain antenna offers an extended bluetooth range. You're going to love it.


Digital discernment

The IFI Zen One Signature offers the following to transform the enjoyment of music at home:

  • True Native Hi-Res Dac: Admit 32-bit PCM / 384 KHz and DSD completely native
  • Powerful 16 -core XMOS processor: Make a complete MQA decoding (up to 384 kHz)
  • The updated GMT precision watch and custom digital filter eradicate the jitter and other forms of digital distortion
  • Digital outputs S / PDIF Optics and coaxial support PCM and MQA of 32 bits / 192 kHz


Impressive analog

The balanced circuit is why the Zen series is famous. The Ifi Zen One Signature continues the tradition:

  • Balanced circuit design with signature grade circuit components offers ultra -abuse distortion and exceptional sound purity
  • Analog outputs of a single RCA and balanced end of 4.4 mm: Concte them to an integrated, preamplifier, headphones amplifier or active speakers


Signature Special

The signature series always includes extra special additions:

  • The low fluctuation fempt clock glass provides performance> 20 dB
  • Low latency microcontroller 16 core 2000mips xmos: 4 times more processing power
  • C0G capacitors: high linearity, excellent temperature / frequency characteristics
  • Melf resistances: high precision and low noise level
  • Taiyo Yuden and Murata Inductors: Low impedance power supply rail rails
  • High gain antenna for extended range


Bluetooth chip QCC5100

We use the new QCC5100 QCC5100 processing IC in combination with patented circuits to create a "Bluetooth" audibly higher.

All current high -definition Bluetooth audio formats are admitted: APTX Adaptive and APTX HD of Qualcomm, LDAC of Sony and LHDC of HWA, Regular APTX and APTX Low Latency, AAC (Apple IOS) and SBC (the Normal Bluetooth Codec " ").

Of the codecs with 24 -bit capacity, APTX Adaptive and APTX HD admit up to 48 kHz, while LDAC and LHDC reach 96 KHz.

IFI's "Bluetooth engine" can also be updated by air, so future codecs can be added. 


Dac Burr-Brown Multibit

The Burr-Brown True Native® chips as a whole means that the file formats remain unchanged or "perfected in bits." This means that he is listening to music as conceived by the artist in the format in which he was recorded.

In Ifi we use Burr Brown widely in our products, since we select it for its "musical" natural sound and its architecture True Native. Our experience with this IC means that we know how to make the most of it.


MQA (authenticated master quality)

MQA is a British award -winning technology that offers the sound of the original master recording. The MQA Master file is completely authenticated and is small enough to transmit or download it. The IFI Zen One Signature adopts MQA technology to receive and decode MQA audio and provide a master level sound.


Balanced circuit

It is a method superior to the traditional circuit approach to a single single ended end. Balanced circuits reduce noise and diaphonia. Less interference: clearer sound.

Normally you will find this product configuration at the upper end of the price spectrum, such as the Ifi Pro Ican, but IFI is now using it in all its range to produce the best quality audio for all our customers.


Clock without Jitter

Large technologies of fluctuations eradication to the digital stage are applied, including our GMT femtoprecision clock (Global Master Timing) and the smart memory buffer.

The low fluctuation clock has been updated to provide better performance> 20 dB.


Panasonic OS-Con Condensors

The boundaries of Panasonic OS-with that total a total of 5410 µF provide a very low equivalent series resistance, an excellent noise reduction capacity and frequency response characteristics. In addition, the OS-with have a prolonged useful life and their ESR changes little even at low temperatures, since the electrolyte is solid.

They are often found in products that cost less than $ 1000 US.


Integrated Texas Instruments Circuits

Integrated Texas Institutions Integrated Instruments Circuits offer a large unitary gain bandwidth, very low noise and distortion level, high output transmission capacity, food source rejection relations and common mode of more than 100 dB , wide bandwidths of maximum output oscillation and high response speeds.


Murata capacitors

Multicapa condensers Type Murate control, low ESR and high Q. The aspect of "Murata control" is special. Your noise suppression capabilities are impressive.


Elna Japan Silmic II capacitors

We use Elna Japan Silmic II capacitors for food sources.

The main dielectric component recently developed is silk fiber. It was believed that this material was as unfathomable as an electrolytic aluminum condenser. The new material expires to the silk fiber and the mixture with manila hemp fiber to provide dielectric to an aluminum electrolytic condenser used for high quality music. The result are insurmountable acoustic properties and excellent linearity.


Resistances Vishay Melf: Complex, expensive but superior

These no lead of metal electrodes have excellent precision, stability, reliability and pulse load. They provide optimal nominal power and an impulse load capacity. They show some of the lowest noise and distortions of any resistance available in the market, point.


TDK capacitors

TDK C0G capacitors (class 1 ceramic) offer high stability and low losses for resonant circuit applications.

More and more approaching the theoretical ideal of pure constant frequency capacitance, these capacitors reduce distortion induced by the capacitor to extremely low levels.

They are expensive, but they are a perfect complement to our products.



TICKETS 1 x USB 3.0 B port (USB 2.0 compatible)
1 x digital coaxial s/pdif
1 x digital optics cough
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.1
Bluetooth codec APTX, APTX HD, APTX Adaptive, APTX LL, LDAC, LHDC/HWA, AAC and COD SBC
Formats 44.1 / 48/88.2 / 96/176.4 / 192 KHz PCM
DSD 2.8/ 3.1/ 5.6/ 6.1/ 11.3/ 22.4 MHz DSD
DXD 352.8/ 384 KHz
Bluetooth 96 kHz
Chips Bit-Perfect DSD & DXD Dac By Burr Brown
Qualcomm QCC 5100 series
Digital output 1 x digital spdif coaxial
Analog outputs 1 x minijack 4.4 mm (balanced)
1 x pair rca (not balanced)
Line output section
FREQUENCY RESPONSE 5 Hz - 80,000 Hz (± 3 dB)
DEPARTURES 4V (balanced)
2V (not balanced)
Departure impedance ≤72 Ω (balanced)
36 Ω (not balanced)
Signal/noise ratio -105 dB (a) to 0 dBfs (balanced/ without balanced)
Total harmonic distortion (THD+N) <0.002% to 0 dbfs (balanced/ not balanced)
ENERGY CONSUMPTION No signal ~ 0.7w / maximum sign ~ 1w
DIMENSIONS 35 mm (high) x 158 mm (width) x 100 mm (bottom)
WEIGHT 485 g


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