Zen Can Signature 6xx
Zen Can Signature 6xx
Zen Can Signature 6xx
Zen Can Signature 6xx
Zen Can Signature 6xx
Zen Can Signature 6xx
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Zen Can Signature 6xx

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Zen Can Signature 6xx

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Zen Can Signature 6xx

IFI exclusive tailoring

The Zen Signature 6xx analog headphones amplifier takes the sonic adaptation to the next level with Activeq.

The original Zen Can, our totally analog headphones amplifier, had the ability to handle difficult headphones loads, a balanced circuit design, extremely low distortion levels and a versatile sound adaptation.

The Zen Can Signature 6xx leads this to another level. It further improves sound quality with an improved circuit design, while maintain To the fullest a popular headset model.

This new feature, called Activeq, combines active and liabilities components to create a specific equalization curve to adapt to a pair of headphones in particular, carried out in the analog domain without a pinch of noise or additional distortion.

The Zen Can Signature 6xx has Activeq for the 'Massdrop X Sennheiser HD 6xx', a popular pair of high quality headphones with more than 120,000 sold to date, based on Sennheiser HD 650 and created exclusively for Drop.

These headphones are famous for the quality of their average range performance, but they present some peculiarities in the regions of Graves and Acute, which can be seen in frequency response measurements.

Activated equalizer
When the 'HD 6xx' button is pressed, the Zen Can Signature 6xx calibrates its signal to complement the response characteristics of the headphones throughout the frequency range, thus adapting its performance to adapt precisely to the HD 6xx as a suit made to extent.

In addition, the benefits of this Activeq curve are equally applicable to Sennheiser HD 650, which shares the same characteristics. It also has an effect on other Sennheiser models: take a look here.

This function can be activated or deactivated. Without activated Activeq, the performance of Zen Can Signature 6xx is skillfully balanced to make the most of all types of headphones and internal monitors.

Not in the case of Zen Can Signature 6xx. It has four gain configurations in six dB steps: 0DB, 6DB, 12DB and 18DB.

This allows the amplifier to adapt precisely to connected headphones. The unitary gain (0DB) is useful for guaranteeing a low noise level with sensitive internal monitors, while the highest gain adjustments take full advantage of the toughest headphones loads, which provides an excellent dynamic headroom.

Space x
This analog processing compensates for the "head location" effect that can occur when headphones are used to listen to music that mixed with a pair of speakers.

It expands the sound scenario of the headphones to offer a more spacious experience and similar to that of a speaker.

The Zen Can Signature 6xx circuit is a symmetric and balanced dual monkey design, a topology generally reserved for high -end headphones amplifiers, with a series of key elements that are filtered from the discrete -a discrete circuit of class A developed for the headphones amplifier IFI badge, Pro. I can.

The key components have been updated to improve online performance with the improvements made in the Zen Can Signature 6xx, including the use of Panasonic OS-Con Condenters and Elna Silmic II.

The amplifier offers a prodigious management capacity, delivering 1600MW (7.2v) to 32 ohms from the output of a single end, with 15V+ available for loads of 300 ohms or more through the balanced output, which guarantees that even the headphones Plans that consume a lot of current are taken calmly. .

With an ultrabaja distortion, a sound rich in details, a captivating dynamic and the ability to handle all types of headphones with ease, the Zen Can Signature 6xx is a true driving force to take into account.

The Zen Can Signature 6xx offers RCA stereo inputs and one end of 3.5 mm, in addition to a balanced 4.4 mm Pentaconn input. A 4.4 mm balanced output is also provided to connect to power amplifiers equipped with a balanced input.

It provides a pair of headphones outlets: a 6.3 mm output for headphones that have a standard one -end connector (compatible with all headphones) and a balanced 4.4 mm balanced output for headphones that offer a balanced connection .

An increasing number of high quality internal headphones and monitors are thus equipped or offers the option to disconnect the cable and update to a 4.4 mm pentacon connector, and this output takes advantage of them to the fullest (it is especially recommended for headphones of impedance).

The Zen Can Signature 6xx works well with the Zen Dac Signature.

When they are used together, the two Zen Signature form a fantastic headphones of the size of a desktop computer for digital and analog sources, which further expands the reputation of the IFI Zen series for offering exceptional performance and versatility At extraordinary prices.


  • The Burr-Brown True Native® chips as a whole means that the file formats remain unchanged or "perfect in bits." This means that he is listening to music as conceived by the artist in the format in which he was recorded.
  • In Ifi we use Burr Brown widely in our products, since we select it for its "musical" natural sound and its architecture True Native. Our experience with this IC means that we know how to make the most of it.
  • Large technologies of fluctuations eradication to the digital stage are applied, including our GMT femtoprecision clock (Global Master Timing) and the smart memory buffer. This represents a total systematic digital solution "ready to use" that solves the jitter once and for all.
  • Panasonic OS-with limits totaling 5410 UF offer very low equivalent series resistance, excellent noise reduction capacity and frequency response characteristics. In addition, OS-with have a prolonged useful life and their ESR changes little, even at low temperatures, since the electrolyte is solid.
  • Integrated Texas Instructed Integrated Instruments circuits offer a large unitary gain band, noise and very low distortion, high output control capacity, common mode and rejection relationships of the power supply of more than 100 dB, wide Maximum output oscillation band and high response speeds.
  • A multipist potentiometer of Tokyo Cosmos Electric Co. is used. This has a close coincidence tolerance of channels for optimal performance in silent listening (low potentiometer positions).
  • Multicapa high Q and Bajo ESR condenses of Washed control. The aspect of 'ESR' control 'of the Murata is something special. Your noise suppression capabilities are impressive.
  • We use Elna Japan Silmic II capacitors for food sources.
  • The recently developed dielectric component is silk fiber.
  • This material was believed as unfathomable as an electrolytic aluminum condenser. The new material hits the silk fiber and mixture with manila hemp fiber to provide dielectric to an electrolytic aluminum condenser that is used for high quality music. The result are unsurpassed higher acoustic properties and excellent linearity.



USB3.0 B Socket (compatible with USB2.0)

2.8/3.1/5.6/6.2/11.2/12.4MHz DSD
352.8/384 KHz DXD
Bit-Perfect DSD and DXD DAC of Burr Brown

Balanced <= 200 ohms
Se <= 100 ohms
SNR <-117 dB (a) at 0dbfs (Bal/SE)
DNR> 117 dB (a) A -60DBFS (Bal/SE)
THD+N <0.0011% @ 0dbfs (Bal/SE)

Balanced 4.4 mm: 2 V-6.2 V max. (variable)/4.2 V (fixed)
RCA (SE): 1 V-3.3 V max. (variable) /2.1v (fixed)

Energy consumption
5V / 174MA, P = 0.887W (at rest using IPOWER included)

117 (l) x 100 (an) x 30 (al) mm
4.6 '' (l) x 3.9 "(w) x 1.2 '' (h)

0.75 kg/1.65 pounds

    What is included:
    • ifi zen can signature 6xx
    • CC IFI current adapter
    • RCA stereo interconnections
    • Single -end adapter of 3.5 mm to 1/4 "
    • User manual


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