Pro IDSD Signature - on request
Pro IDSD Signature - on request
Pro IDSD Signature - on request
Pro IDSD Signature - on request
Pro IDSD Signature - on request
Pro IDSD Signature - on request
Pro IDSD Signature - on request
Pro IDSD Signature - on request
Pro IDSD Signature - on request
Pro IDSD Signature - on request
Pro IDSD Signature - on request

iFi Audio

Pro IDSD Signature - on request

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Be unique in its kind. Streamer. DAC / headphones amplifier. All with the X-Factor.

The IFI Pro IDSD Signature is our new reference class flagship.

First -line DAC and much more

The Pro IDSD Signature is our new flagc reference class, and something else! The signature edition is based on the strengths of the original Pro IDSD, awarded with multiple awards.
Continues to attend to lovers of good music delivered with the highest quality.

Use Pro IDSD Signature as an independent unit, a DAC / Preamplifier, a network streamer and a headphones amplifier.

A distinctive step

The signature takes the original IDSD Pro and pushes it even more towards perfection.

The Pro IDSD Signature has:

  • A soundly darker and a more powerful low background
  • Improved energy supply components to reduce the general noise of the system by 300%
  • NOS GE5670S valves adjusted precisely
  • Added support for USB1.0 (PS4 / PS5)
  • A new aluminum remote control
  • A power supply Ipower Elite high -end included

Stacked With technology.

The Pro IDSD Signature uses a DAC Cúadruple: 4 x Dacs in an interspersed configuration to be able to deliver exceptional resolution.

The powerful set of xu216 x-core 200 series complete.

Thanks to the Crysopeia FPGA digital engine, Pro IDSD Signature carries the DSD remastering of study quality to a broader audience. You can convert PCM and DSD files to DSD512 and DSD1024. And all controlled from an application in the palm of your hand.

Electronic tailoring

The Pro IDSD Signature, as its predecessor, leads to sound adaptation to the extreme.

Listen to your music in solid state modes, Special Valves or Valves Tube+, your choice, all by pressing a button.

Our Crysopeia FPGA digital engine attacks again, since it allows Pro IDSD Signature to offer several options when it comes to digital filtering. The Gto filter adds gravity and a new dimension, and while the Bit Perfect, Bit Perfect+, Apodising and Transient Aligned filters give you even more options to modify the sound.

The class A amplifier stage formed by discrete and totally balanced components offers adjustable gain.

Your choice is the only option

  • Transmits wirelessly from Tidal, Spotify, Napster, QQ Music and more
  • Use AirPlay to enjoy playback from your iPhone, iPad or Mac
  • Connect through an Ethernet connection to play music from a router or NAS (storage connected to the network)
  • Use the DLNA network audio reproduction with smartphones smartphones, tablets, Windows / Linux computers
  • Connect to a hard drive (HDD) unit
  • Insert a USB memory or SDHC card

And with a variety of headphones (with a single end of 6.3 mm, 3.5 mm and balanced 4.4 mm), the only option is your choice.

Clean and absolute power

The Pro IDSD Signature is sent with our Ipower Elite flagship.

Together with the redesigned power supply plate that offers up to 300% less noise, music is soft as butter.

Inside and out: we do not leave stone without stirring in our search for the cleanest and most pure power for Pro IDSD Signature (the same for Pro Ican Signature too!).

  • The Pro IDSD Signature has a "quadruple stack" of Dac Bit-Perfect DSD and DXD of Burr-Brown. The 'intertwined' configuration means that up to 8 pairs of differential signals can be used and mixed, which is equivalent to 4 pairs of signals per channel.
  • The Pro IDSD Signature uses the new XUOS XU216 X-Core 200 series processor. Fully digital processing is Bit-Perfect unless particular digital filters are explicitly selected.
  • The sampling greater than DSD1024 was previously available for a few selected. The Pro IDSD firm makes available to a broader audience. The remastering of DSD1024 is managed by Crysopeia FPGA and this is where we believe the FPGA stands out.
  • The data is sent to the memory buffer from all entries. Here the phase fluctuation is eliminated to eliminate any fluctuation transmission of the source at the exit of the DAC. Memory Buffer data is synchronized even more through the Global Master Timing clock of low fluctuation, which also controls the X-Core 200 and the FPGA.
  • With Wi-Fi Linkplay / Red Reproduction, Spotify and Tidal Integrated and broad protocol support for 32-bit / 192khz and DSD64, Pro IDSD Signature can also be used without a computer to transmit audio directly.
  • Galvanic isolation is the 'holy grail' of computer audio.
    All tickets are galvanically isolated (including USB). The USB input section has its own independent energy administration system with multiple regulators and filtering operating from the galvanically generated isolated voltage to feed this section.
  • Unlike other amplifiers that have the same circuit and simply activate / deactivate the valve section, the original IDSD and now the Pro IDSD Signature are among the first to have two individual input circuits: a valve (General Electric Valves 5670!) And solid state circuit. This results in the "best sounds of both worlds."
  • The amplifier audio circuit is fully formed by discrete components, totally balanced with valve input or switching J-Fet, second bipolar stage and power stage Bipolar class with buffer mosfet.
  • We have given the Pro IDSD Signature an additional configuration of Tube+. This reduces the general loop gain and negative feedback to the minimum and presents a different sonic perspective between the natural harmonics of the valve and the performance in the transitory.
  • The Pro IDSD Signature is full of top quality components: a rotating volume potentiometer of the Japanese Alps, Elna Silmic Audio quality capacitors and a "Super Current" Bank of Elna Dynacaps.
  • MQA (authenticated master quality): MQA is a British award -winning technology that offers the sound of the original master recording. The MQA Master Archive is completely authenticated and is small enough to transmit it or download it. The IFI Pro IDSD Signature adopts MQA's technology to receive and decode MQA audio and provide a master level sound.



Output power
Specification Detail
Output power Balanced:> 4200 MW (16 ohms)
Single Eded:> 1575 MW (16 ohms)
Output voltage
Specification Detail
Output voltage Balanced:> 11.7 V (600 ohms)
Single Eded:> 5.9 V (600 ohms)
Supported formats
Specification Detail
Supported formats PCM: 768 kHz
DSD: 49,152 MHz (DSD 1024)
MQA: 352.8 kHz
DXD (2 x dxd)
Digital tickets
Specification Detail
Digital tickets 1 x USB port type B
1 x USB port type A
1 x Balanced digital AES3 (XLR)
1 x bnc s / pdif (coaxial / optical combo)
Specification Detail
Ethernet Yeah
Specification Detail
Wifi Yeah
Micro SD
Specification Detail
Micro SD Yeah
Specification Detail
Specification Detail
Revenue User selectable: 0 dB, 9 dB and 18 dB (headphones section)
Dynamic range
Specification Detail
Dynamic range 119 DBA (solid state, PCM, -60 dbfs)
Input voltage
Specification Detail
Input voltage (Pro IDSD) 9VCC / 6.7 A - 18 VCC / 3.35 A
Input voltage (Ipower Elite) 85 - 265 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Energy consumption
Specification Detail
Energy consumption <22 W inactive
50 W maximum
Specification Detail
Dimensions 63 mm (high) x 213 mm (width) x 220 mm (background)
Specification Detail
Weight 1980 g


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