Pro ICan Signature - On request
Pro ICan Signature - On request
Pro ICan Signature - On request
Pro ICan Signature - On request
Pro ICan Signature - On request
Pro ICan Signature - On request
Pro ICan Signature - On request
Pro ICan Signature - On request
Pro ICan Signature - On request
Pro ICan Signature - On request
Pro ICan Signature - On request
Pro ICan Signature - On request

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Pro ICan Signature - On request

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Ifi Pro ican Signature: Pro Signature style amplification

The IFI Pro ICAN Signature is our new analog and preamplifier headphones amplifier.

He doesn't know fear

The IFI Pro Ican Signature is our new improved edition of the original Pro Ican.

The Signature edition is based on Pro Ican's strengths and has components for higher quality audiophiles, designed to bring its audition to a higher level than ever.

It is a first-line headphones amplifier that is capable of handling anything, from the most sensitive custom headphones to the AKG K-1000, the most difficult headphones ever manufactured.

Expand it to ultra

Pro ICAN Signature improvements include:

  • Revised circuit design incorporates components for even more ultra-purity audiophiles
  • Improved energy supply circuits to eradicate even more noise and distortion
  • External power supply AC/DC high range Ipower Elite included
  • Hand selected valves and combined at the output stage
  • Balanced headphones output 4.4 mm pentacon
  • New aluminum remote control

Wonderfully balanced professional power

The Pro ICan Signature has a totally differential to end end -to -end circuit design that offers an ultra -abuse distortion. This means extraordinary quality with a minimal interference and a reduced diaphony. The sound is cleaner, deep and dynamic.

It is also exceptionally powerful and will work with any planet's headset. It has a balanced output power of> 14,000 MW and a single -type output power EDED (one end) of> 4,800 MW.

And with variable gain, you can adjust Pro ican Signature to handle the headphones you choose.

Valves or not valves ...?

Or the tube +valve? That is the question.

With the Pro Ican Signature you can enjoy the sound of solid state or valves in a single package.

For some of his recordings, and depending on whether he is listening through headphones or speakers, it is possible that he prefers the "living" sensation of the solid state or, for others, the most "luxurious" sensation of valve or special Valves tube+.

The choice is yours just by pressing a real -time switch.

Signature by name ...

The Pro Ican Signature would not be ours without our characteristic sound adjustments. Like the original, it has XBBS and 3D configurations so that it can calibrate the sound to adapt to its personal system and taste.

XBBASS is our analog "serious reinforcement" that improves low frequencies without clouding the average range.

Holographic 3D headphones undoes the negative sound impact of listening to recordings that were originally created for speakers.

3D Holographic for speaker systems corrects space distortion and restores the natural sound scenario.


The Pro Ican Signature has a multitude of completely balanced connections and of a single end (single Ended).

Headphones connections include the new 4.4 mm balanced pentacon output, as well as a totally balanced XLR, a single end (single Eded) output of 6.3 mm and our exclusive S-Balanced output of 3.5 mm .

Our S-Balanced output reduces 50% distortion with single-end headphones connections (Single EDED).

Power is everything

The Pro Ican Signature is sent with our Ipower Elite flagship.

Together with the redesigned power supply plate that is up to 300% quieter, music is soft as butter.

Inside and out: we do not leave stone without stirring in our search for the cleanest and most pure power for Pro Ican Signature (the same for Pro IDSD Signature too!)

Power like no other

Superpoting headphones output power of 14,000 MW.

Win is adjustable from 0db / 9db / 18db

It can generate more than 10V in Single Eded and 20V mode in balanced mode. The 20V mode is equivalent to 100W on a 40 -ohm speaker.

Completely balanced circuit

The new Pro Ican Signature has a completely balanced differential circuit. That is, it has left and right channels totally separated with its own independent amplification until the end.

This exquisitely designed design costs more, but the way it moves you and music is worth it.


Special Port S-BALANCED: IN-EAR headphone amplification system

IFI's exclusive S-Balanced technology made its debut in the original Pro ICAN. Since then, it has become an important feature in the entire IFI range and characteristics in Pro Ican Signature as expected.

It offers the maximum performance of balanced headphones and Single Ended type. The 3.5 mm S-Balanced headphones output (compatible with a single balanced end) offers the benefits of the balanced connection to the headphones of a single end.

You can change solid state transistors to real -time valves

There are 2 valve settings: Tube and Tube+.

The Tube+ position reduces the general loop gain and, therefore, the negative feedback to the minimum. This provides different compensation between the natural harmonics of the valve and transitional performance.

3D Holographic

An out of the head "auditory experience. Our 3D Double Analog Matrices Holographic put the artist with you in the room, not inside your head.


Soundly superior, richer, deeper.

The XBBBasal Graves' Correction System corrects the lack of bass response from the headphones / speakers.



TICKETS 3 x pair rca (not balanced)
1 x par xlr (balanced)
Previous output 1 x pair rca (not balanced)
1 x par xlr (balanced)
Headphones output 1 x minijack 3.5 mm (not balanced)
1 x minijack 4.4 mm (balanced)
1 XLR of 4 pins (balanced)
1 x 3 pins (balanced) par xlr
REVENUE 0 dB, 9 dB, 18 dB
FREQUENCY RESPONSE 0.5 Hz at 500,000 Hz (-3 dB)
Balanced harmonic harmonic distortion (THD+N) 0.0015%(solid state)
Total harmonic distortion Single Eded (THD+N) 0.005%(solid state)
Signal/noise ratio > 147 dB (a) (balanced)
> 137 dB (a) (single inded)
OUTPUT POWER > 14,000 MW (at 16 Ω)
> 4,800 MW (at 16 Ω)
Output voltage > 23 V (at 600 Ω)
> 11.5 V (at 600 Ω)
Input voltage (Pro IDSD Signature) 9 VCC / 6.7a - 18 Vcc / 3.35a
Input voltage (Ipower Elite) 85 - 265V, 50/60 Hz CA
50 W (maximum)
DIMENSIONS 63 mm (high) x 213 mm (width) x 193 mm (background)
WEIGHT 1.93 kg


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