IEMATCH+ Cable - Open Box
IEMATCH+ Cable - Open Box
IEMATCH+ Cable - Open Box
IEMATCH+ Cable - Open Box
IEMATCH+ Cable - Open Box
IEMATCH+ Cable - Open Box
IEMATCH+ Cable - Open Box
IEMATCH+ Cable - Open Box
IEMATCH+ Cable - Open Box
IEMATCH+ Cable - Open Box
IEMATCH+ Cable - Open Box

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IEMATCH+ Cable - Open Box

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*This specific article has severe damage in the box, however, this does not interfere with the operation of the product.



Do your headphones suffer from Siseo and Pop irritating? Don't you get the total impact of your music? The IEMatch ends the unwanted noise and gives life to its clues.


The perfect couple

Do you think that your headphones / IEM often has a background hers of your source? Or do you listen very strong to try to obtain the complete "quality" of music?

If so, then we have his perfect partner: the IEMATCH.


Very nervous

This original 3.5 mm version is perfect for all headphones / Ims that use a 3.5 mm headphones connector.

Simply connect the IEMATCH between them and their source to reduce background noise and whistle.

Some headphones are more sensitive than others, so IEMatch has high and ultra sensitivity settings to increase its sound. Choose the one that best suits your headphones.


Recover your lost bits

It also provides a more open and transparent dynamic range and increases the usable volume range.

This means that the digital volume can increase and recover the resolution that loses when listening to less than the complete volume.

Rediscover the loss of rope and the deaf noise of the hype.


Up, up and far

Our little but powerful IEMatch works with smartphones, DAP, computers and travel systems in flight.

A advice: Take it with you when you fly, no more painful sound bands for films in flight. It works wonders.

And just in case, we have added caps for the ears with viscoelastic foam (they really work!), A plane adapter and a travel bag.

A small perfect travel kit: good music and the opportunity to enjoy a powerful nap.



  • Did you know that you normally lose at least 2 bits of resolution when you hear your favorite clues? This is because you can't listen to full volume.
    The use of IEMatch allows you to raise the digital volume and recover those 2 bits.
    Choose between ultra or high sensitivity to refine your songs! 
  • Balanced or one end? IEMATCH automatically converts to provide the best auditory experience with the taking of balanced headphones 3.5 TRRS.
    The headphones can be equipped with a TRRS connector and a switch to alternate between the non -balanced mode (even with a microphone) for direct connection to a smartphone and the balanced mode for use with properly equipped DAP/ DAC/ headphones amplifiers.
    IFI's TRRS 'S-Balanced' system provides a way to select the TRRS plug to offer a balanced connection or one of a single end.
  • Use premium components from aluminum and magnesium alloy 6063 -TS to the signal transfer cable, which is a 6n silver and copper matrix.
    Add the balanced connectors trrs bathed in gold and there you have it: game, set and iematch.



Characteristic Details
Sensitivity adjustment Ultra (-24 dB) and high gain (-12 dB)
TRRS-BALANCED For a single end and balanced operation
Cabling 6n silver/copper matrix with aluminum and final magnesium housing 6063-T5
Printed circuit board Gold Chapada with Audiophile Components (e.g., Melf Resistances)
Connectors 3.5 mm male/gold plas

Characteristic Details
Input impedance > 16 ohms
Departure impedance <2.5 ohms (high sensitivity)
<1 ohms (ultrasensitivity)
Headphones impedance Nominal impedance of 16 ohms at 600 ohms
Minimum impedance 12.5 ohms

Dimensions and weight
Characteristic Details
Weight 12.2 g
Total length 116 mm