Ican Phantom - On request
Ican Phantom - On request
Ican Phantom - On request
Ican Phantom - On request
Ican Phantom - On request
Ican Phantom - On request
Ican Phantom - On request
Ican Phantom - On request
Ican Phantom - On request

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Ican Phantom - On request

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Ifi Ican Phantom: fading in music

NEW REFERENCE CLASS ANTIOTIC APPLICULAR APPLOYMENT WITH ELECTROSTIC Energizer incorporated with Advanced User Interface and Control System Connected to the Network.


A new extraordinary reference

The new analog headphones amplifier of the IFI reference class, the ICAN Phantom, takes the Pro ICAN, refine and improve each element of its circuit to further raise its performance, incorporates Pro IESL technology, previously a separate component, for headphones electrostatic, and add an advanced user interface and a control system connected to the network.

The result? A headphones amplifier really worthy of its flagship status.

Exemplary construction quality, sophisticated technology, unparalleled specification and remarkable versatility, designed by experts to boost each type of headset to its maximum sound potential. From the ultrasensitive IEM MONITOR to the best dynamic and magnetic planks and electrostatic designs that consume more energy, the ICAN Phantom offers a really exceptional headphones experience, exquisitely adapted to the requirements of the listener.

The Ican Phantom also functions as a high -end preampler, to feed a power stage and speakers (or active speakers), which allows combining listening to headphones and speakers in a single high -performance audio system.


The Rolls-Royce of the flagships

The design of the ICAN Phantom gives the appearance of two units, but in reality it is a single two -level device, whose total depth is completely used by its multicapa circuit design. Its housing is solidly built of aluminum, with the lower layer wearing cable connections in the front and rear, and the upper layer offers tactile controls and a colorful OLED screen.

The upper part of the Ican Phantom incorporates a bucket embedded glass panel that allows you to see the amplifier circuit and its bright audio valves. Aluminum circular ventilations ensure that the interior circuit is not overheating.

When they are not in use, the connectors at the front or rear can be hidden with a clean aluminum panel that is fixed magnetically. This panel also contains data cards for electrostatic polarization voltage configuration. The ICAN Phantom also comes with an attractive remote aluminum control of high quality and easy to use.


A two -stage entry story

The Ican Phantom has two input stages, one based on valves and the other solid state, which allows the user to change between the two in real time.

In fact, it is like having three amplifiers in one, each with a different sound presentation.

The solid state offers rhythm and immediacy. The valve mode adds fluidity and dynamic quality of free breathing. Tube+ accentuates the sound influence of the valves, providing fascinating romantic warmth that can adapt, for example, acoustic and vocal musical styles.

The GE5670 valves have an expected useful life of around 10,000 hours of use. When the time finally comes to replace them, the ICAN Phantom smoked glass panel is easily removed to provide access, which means that the work can be completed in minutes. The amplifier is also compatible with 6922 valves.


Electrostatically good!

Most headphones create sound by using dynamic drivers (or mobile coil) to move the air. A smaller number uses planomagnetic diaphragms, which are different in form and operation, but also use magnetic fields to generate movement. At the upper end of the headphones scene, there is another type of rare but fabulous sound transducer: electrostatic headphones.

Electrostatic conductors need a separate energizer. The ICAN Phantom incorporates our original IESL Energy Energy technology with regular amplifier technology to make a single amplifier that can handle any type of headset with poise.

And all users benefit, since the quality of the components and the intelligent design of the circuit necessary to offer such a high level of performance with electrostatic headphones increase the amplifier performance also with other types of headphones.


Simplified polarization tension

Electrostatic headphones have variable requirements in regards to the polarization voltage.

The ICAN Phantom has two exits for electrostatic: one configured in the "normal" 230V polarization voltage, the other that offers a variable polarization voltage between 500V and 640V, selected by the user. If the incorrect voltage is selected, the headphones may be damaged.

To make this much less likely, the ICAN Phantom has a series of data cards that specify different polarization voltages (these are supplied with the amplifier). Simply select the card that matches the headphones specifications and enter the card slot: there are cards for 500 V, 540 V, 580 V, 600 V, 620 V and 640 V, each with a guide practice in the part posterior that shows what headphone mark is compatible with that voltage.


Each covered connection

The ICAN Phantom provides a wide range of balanced connection options and one end. The headphones outputs are at the front, with the fountain inputs and the preamplifier outlets in the rear.


Inputs and outputs:

  • Source tickets:
    • 1 XLR Balanced (L/R)
    • 3 x rca (l/r)
  • Headphones outputs:
    • 1 XLR Balanced 3 pins (L/R), 1 xlr balanced 4 pins
    • 1 x 4.4 mm balanced, 1 x 6.3 mm (positive phase), 1 x 6.3 mm (inverted phase) and 1 x 3.5 mm (includes balanced technology to reduce distortion by 50 percent)
  • Electrostatic headphones outputs:
    • 1 normal 5 -pin polarization
    • 1 Personalized 5 -pin polarization
  • Preampling outputs:
    • 1 XLR Balanced (L/R)
    • 1 x rca (l/r)


Ifi nexus: control connected to the network

The Ican Phantom is the first product that IFI Nexus incorporates, a module that is combined with an application to provide a control system connected to the integral and scalable network.

The functions offered by Nexus will grow over time. At the time of launch, the Nexus application allows its Android or iOS device to act as a "super remote control" for the ICAN Phantom, providing access to additional functions that cannot be accessed through the amplifier board or control or control standard remote.

The application may show diagnostic information and allow the user to monitor the operational condition of the ICAN PHANTOM in real time, for example, voltages, the projected condition and life of the vacuum valves, etc. It can also be used to apply wireless updates to the ICAN Phantom firmware, downloading and installing update files through the Wi-Fi network of your home.

As the amount of IFI devices compatible with Nexus grows and the application functionality is extended, an "ECOSYSTEM" IFI connected to the network will be developed: an application for all its requirements, such as a concierge service for IFI customers . It will allow the additional functionality promoted by software to be delivered and shared between the existing IFI devices, in addition to providing a direct technical support service and even potentially an online store within the application.



The ICAN Phantom capacitive battery source, originally developed for the Pro IESL, is intrinsic to its high level of performance. Instead of depending on an switching -powered elevator circuit fed by the network, a large battery of film capacitors classified in 1000 VCC is loaded and, occasionally, it is recharged with the feeding of the CA network. This "virtual battery package" provides pure CC current energy, completely free of CA current and switching noise: the perfect high voltage supply for electrostatic headphones.


Purewave Pro

For a long time it has been considered that the design of balanced circuits is the right path towards audio excellence in the design of high -end amplifiers, but the term "balanced" is used in different ways and does not always mean the same. The Ican Phantom carries the balanced circuit design to the end: totally differential input to exit, minimizing noise and diaphonia on the signal route to achieve maximum sound purity.

Essentially, the "totally differential" circuit design, or True Differential Balanced, as we call it, means that each channel (left and right) is completely separated in the design of the circuit, and each of these channels has two separate signals from the same level but opposite in its polarity (positive and negative). This requires four separate amplification circuits, two for the left channel and two for the right channel, much more expensive and complex to implement that single -end circuit designs, but sound dividends are worth it.

The True Differential Balanced circuit of the ICAN Phantom is coupled to a volume control with six decks: two decks for each channel (positive and negative) and the two final decks are used to monitor the volume control operation. The motorized volume control potentiometer is tailored by ALPS in Japan and is of exceptional quality.


Valve and transistor circuit configuration

The Ican Phantom has several unique characteristics that distinguish it from other headphones amplifiers. One of those facilities is the incorporation of two input stages, one based on valves and the other of solid state, which allows the user to change between the two in real time. These input stages are completely separated, which means that they can be kept short and direct for optimal purity instead of complicating the signal route (for example, changing the valves inside and outside a single circuit).

The solid state input stage class A fully formed by discrete elements uses J-FET, while the class A Circuit of all valves has a pair of 5670 selected electric valves selected by hand and combined by computer, a premium variant of the Valve 6922. This stage has two selectable modes by the user: Tube and Tube+. The latter minimizes the general loop gain and, therefore, negative feedback, which provides different compensation between the natural harmonics of the valves and transitory performance.



The ICAN Phantom includes two independent Space analog matrices, one for headphones and one for speakers, with automatic change between the two.

XSPACE for headphones is designed to compensate for the "head location" effect that can occur when headphones are used to listen similar to that of a speaker. Xspace for speakers increases the width of the apparent sound scenario beyond the width dictated by the location of the speakers.

Both Xspace forms have multiple levels that can be selected according to preferences or completely disconnect from the signal route.



XBass is a patented analog circuit and can be activated to improve low frequencies, its sophistication allows you to do so by maintaining the definition of bass and without clouding the average range. This is useful, for example, with some open headphones that sound with a light bass; "Correct" the serious ones so that the listener listens to the low frequencies that the artist intended. The Ican Phantom offers three XBASS steps: 10 Hz, 20 Hz and 40 Hz, or can be disconnected from the signal route completely.



The quality of the transformer is essential for sound quality, which is why ICAN Phantom incorporates a PPCT (permalloy core transformer pnstripe) made. These incorporate a Goss/Mu-Metal hybrid nucleus and a complicated winding of several sections with both vertical and horizontal cuts, using an extremely thin driver that is enrolled by hand with great precision. This transformer is capable of an exceptionally broad bandwidth, an ultra -abuse distortion and a perfect linearity.


Variable gain configuration

Three gain configurations (0 dB, 9 dB and 18 dB) allow the amplifier to coincide with precision with the connected headphones. Unitary gain (0 dB) is useful for guaranteeing a low level of noise with diadema headphones and the most sensitive In-IEM headphones, while the highest gain adjustments take full advantage of the toughest headphones loads, which, which It provides an excellent dynamic headroom.

For headphones of headband and headphones In-Aiem dynamic and flat.



This patented Ifi circuit attenuates the exit to better adapt to the IEM (intrauditive monitors) of high sensitivity, eliminating the possible background noise and increasing the usable volume range. This can be applied optionally to the 3.5 mm and balanced outlets of 4.4 mm.

For headphones of headband and headphones In-Aiem dynamic and flat.


15,000 MW output power

The Ican Phantom is an extraordinarily powerful headphones amplifier, capable of offering more than 15,000 MW of its balanced outlets and more than 5,760 MW of its single -end exits in a load of 16 ohms. In terms of voltage, it can supply more than 27V to a load of 600 ohms; When it comes to electrostatic headphones it offers up to 640v.



OUTPUT POWER Balanced:> 15,000 MW
Non -balanced:> 5,760 MW at 16 ohms
Maximum output voltage 27 V at 600 ohms
Electrostatic polarization tension 500 V, 540 V, 580 V, 600 V, 620 V and 640 V (according to the headphones brand)
FREQUENCY RESPONSE 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz (-3 dB)
Headphones outputs Balanced:
· 1 xlr balanced 3 pins (l/r)
1 X XLR Balanced 4 pins
1 x 4.4 mm balanced
Not balanced:
· 1 x 6.3 mm (positive phase)
· 1 x 6.3 mm (inverted phase)
· 1 x 3.5 mm (includes s - balanced technology to reduce distortion by 50 percent)
Electrostatic headphones output:
· 1 normal 5 -pin polarization
1 Personalized 5 -pin polarization
Previous outputs 1 x xlr balanced (l/r)
· 1 x rca (l/r)


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