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iFi Audio

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Sale price$ 7,549.00

Better than the go bar, none.

The most powerful headphone amplifier in the world of size.


Go, go, go!

The Go bar is our headphone amplifier/DAC Usb ultraportable first line.

Whether you are traveling, working remotely or on your desk or simply traveling for pleasure, the GO bar is the perfectly portable form of making the headphones sound celestial.

Connect to your laptop, macbook, tablet or smartphone or any other digital device with a USB port to obtain a sensational sound at home, in the office or while traveling.

Accessories include a leather travel case and a Lightning connector to USB-C, without buying a camera connection kit, in addition to a USB-C Cable OTG and a USB-C adapter to USB-A.

Go audio bar IFI

Little. But powerful.

The DAC section of the GO bar uses a powerful 16 -core XMOS microcontroller to process the audio data received at the USB input. Our internal team has scheduled the XMOS firmware to optimize the sound quality and guarantee a perfect association with the 32 -bit of the GO bar.

A personalized digital filter minimizes previous echoes and timbre artifacts. Our GMT precision clock system (Global Master Timing) guarantees an ultrabajo jitter.

  • Ultra resolution pcm up to 32 bits/384 kHz through USB
  • Native reproduction to DSD256
  • 2x Dxd
  • Complete MQA decoding

Cover all needs.

Four custom digital filtering options:

  • Bit Perfect: No digital filtering, without prior or posterior timbre
  • Standard: modest filtrate, previous and posterior modest bell
  • Minimum phase: Slow fall, minimum before and after bell
  • Gibbs Transient Optimized: minimum filtering, without prior timbre and rear minimum timbre

Two analog processing modes:

  • XBASS+: An analog grave reinforcement to "add" the response of serious lost for a more precise reproduction of the original
  • Xspace: A holographic sound field to open your music and give you the amplitude of a live concert


Go bar from ifi audio

External affairs

The Smart A alloy box of the GO bar has physical buttons for a precise volume adjustment, in addition to controls to select between several sonic tuning options. A colored LED column provides a useful guide for the format and frequency of digital audio sampling that is currently being reproduced, and if XBBASS+ and/or Xspace are activated.

At one end there is an asynchronous USB-C input and in the other a pair of headphones.

  • Completely balanced output of 4.4 mm: headphones with a balanced cable/connector can benefit from the completely balanced circuit of the GO bar
  • 3.5 mm S-Balanced output: Our S-Balanced technology reduces diaphonia and 50 % noise with single-end regular headphones.


Power balance

Despite its tiny size, the analog circuit of the Go bar looks a balanced circuit design with a two -channel symmetrical output stage. This reduces noise and diaphonia on the signal route by completely separating the left and right channels. This is generally found in larger and more expensive amplifiers.

The circuit is full of discreet components of high quality and special attention has also been paid to the filtering of the power supply, which drastically reduces the noise of the signal introduced through the USB input.

Purity and power

The design of the amplifier combines sonic purity with power.

  • 475 MW in 32 ohms
  • 7.5V in 600 ohms

No headphones amplifier of such a small size can match the capacity of the GO bar to handle complicated headphones loads or work with a broader variety of headphones.

The Go bar It also incorporates two power adjustment technologies:

  • IEMATCH: Attenuates the power to adapt to high sensitivity headphones and IEM, eliminates background noise and increases the usable volume range
  • Turbo: Increase gain in 6 dB to satisfy the headphones that consume more energy

*Note that the Go bar may not work with iPhones up to 6s even when the phone battery is low (<30%).




The 16 -nuclei XMOS chip processes the audio data received through the USB digital input.

This new low latency microcontroller has a very improved processing power. Compared to the current generation of eight -nuclei chips, this new 16 -core IC offers twice as a clock speed (2000 mips) and four times the memory (512 kB), as well as the last standard Superspeed USB standard.

IFI's internal digital development team has programmed the XMOS firmware to optimize sound quality and guarantee a perfect association with 32 -bit cirrus DAC chipset of 32 -bit used in the Go bar.


High -resolution True Native Reproduction of all music formats, from MP3 to DSD256, PCM384 and DXD384.


MQA (authenticated master quality)

MQA is a British award -winning technology that offers the sound of the original master recording. The MQA Master file is totally authenticated and is small enough to transmit it or download it. The Go bar adopts MQA technology to receive and decode MQA audio and provide a master level sound.

Visit mqa.co.uk for more information.


Wide technologies of fluctuations eradication to the digital stage are applied, including our GMT femtoprecision clock (Global Master Timing) and the smart memory buffer. This represents a total systematic digital solution "ready to use" that solves the jitter once and for all.


The analog circuit of the Go bar It presents a balanced design with a two -channel symmetrical output stage.

This topology, generally reserved for larger and more expensive amplifiers due to its cost and complexity, reduces noise and diaphonia on the signal route by completely separating the left and right channels completely.


TDK C0G capacitors (class 1 ceramic) offer high stability and low losses for resonant circuit applications.

More and more approaching the theoretical ideal of pure constant frequency, these capacitors reduce distortion induced by the capacitor to extremely low levels.

They are expensive, but they are a perfect complement to our products.


Panasonic OS-with limits totaling 5410 UF offers very low equivalent series resistance, excellent noise reduction capacity and frequency response characteristics. In addition, OS-with have a prolonged useful life and their ESR changes little, even at low temperatures, since the electrolyte is solid.


Tontalio capacitors are another example of the first category components we prefer. These polarized electrolytic capacitors have higher characteristics of frequency and stability, which gives them super high volumetric efficiency.

Multicaopa High-Q and LOW-ESR Type control condenses. The aspect of 'ESR' control 'of the Murata is something special. Your noise suppression capabilities are impressive.



EXIT 3.5 mm single minijack Ended
Balanced 4.4 mm minijack
FREQUENCY RANGE 20 Hz- 45,000 Hz (-3 dB)
• Power: 475 MW at 32 Ω 
• Level: 7.2 V at 600 Ω
Single Ended:
• Power: 300 MW at 32 Ω
• Level: 3.8 V at 600 Ω
Total harmonic distortion (THD+N) Balanced: <0.002% (6.5 MW/ 2.0V at 600Ω)
Single Ended: <0.09% (100 MW /1.27V at 16Ω)
Signal/noise ratio Balanced: 132 DBA
Single Ended: 108 DBA
Single Ended: 108 DBA
Departure impedance <1Ω
Format support PCM: 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192/5 khz
DSD: 2.8/384 KHz 2.8/3.1/5.6/6.1/11.3/12.3 MHz
DXD: 352.8/384 kHz
MQA: Complete decoder
Dac Bit-Perfect DSD and DXD Dac of Cirrus Logic
DIMENSIONS 65 mm x 22 mm x 13.2 mm
WEIGHT 28.5 g
Lightning adapter to USB-C
USB Cable type C
USB-C adapter to USB-A
User manual


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