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iFi Audio

Aurora - on request

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Ifi Aurora

The premium music system everything in one that sounds as good as it looks.

For music lovers, pure and simply. In your house. In your office. In your garden. Your music has never been seen or sounded so incredible.




French design
Japanese inspiration.

Our designer, Julien Haziziza, was inspired by Japanese industrial designers and architecture, namely Shigeru Ban., Tadao Andoand the districts of Omotesandō and HarajukuIn Tokyo.

Coated in bamboo and elevated by a distinctive aluminum frame, the design of Aurora It is shocking. Imitate the large scale of Japanese architecture: clean and crisp lines intertwined with a touch touch. Very appropriate for the Force Tour which is our premium wireless music system: dawn.


Music amplified by emotion.

dawn is driven by Pureemotion, an ingenious fusion of amplification technologies, totally new and original by IFI.

It offers a sound that combines the purity of the tone with a high level of commitment, speed and dynamic enthusiasm, which guarantees that the emotional quality of music is transmitted with all its effect, which is why we call it Pureemotion.


Analog term. Authentic.

Many audio products use digital signal processing (DSP)to offer a large and spacious sound from a single box. This is artificial, with lossprocess that remains value to sound quality.

Aurora's intelligent technologies (and all IFI products) avoid this completely, since they operate in the analog domain.

Soundspace It offers a sound that fills the room and gives music a sensation of scale and space that would give a premium audio system.

Truebass It offers genuine serious with depth and definition. Everything, from timbales to a bass, is transmitted with power and poise.


There is no too big or small space.

With Auto Room Tailoring (Art), dawn  You can automatically configure the speaker matrix according to your place in the room.

The effect is similar to the adjustments made by a sound engineer in a live place.

And what makes ART Be special is that it is executed in the analoguedomain. Forget the metallic and imagine a deep and bulky sound that captivates you. For our ears, no other music system with automatic room correction is approaching.




Enjoy Premium Transmission Services of Qobuz and Tidal or Spotify Standard Transmissions.

With the help of ART, dawn It adapts to the way you want to use it. It is its Premium network music player. Place it under a TV, connect it through Bluetooth or an optical cable and use it as an elegant sound bar. And transmit your favorite music.

Link several Auroras Through Wi-Fi to create a system of several rooms, playing in synchronization or individually. Whether you are transmitting from a premium music service or sailing through the infinite amount of Internet radio stations through Tunein, Aurora has covered your musical needs.


Overwhelming bluetooth.

Aurora uses Bluetooth5.0 - The most recent version with the new chips set of the Qualcomm 5100 series. There is also the Sabre Dac Super softchip.

All current and future Bluetooth audio formats are compatible, including APTXand Aptx HD, APTX of low latency, adaptive APTX, LDACand HWA/LHDC, high -resolution bluetooth codec created by Sony and Huawei respectively. In addition, we have Apple's favorite format. AAC.

Each codec is covered with the highest resolution Bluetooth specification. It is the only premium Bluetooth music system you need.


Future proof.

In addition to wireless connectivity, there are many cable inputs: optical, coaxial inputs, USB and Ethernet for digital sources, while a 3.5 mm plug provides an analog/Alexa input. There is even an audio slot stored on micro SDHC cards.

dawn, with its impressive sustainable sound bamboo design, it is a truly impressive addition to any home. No other premium wireless music system of a system looks or sounds so good.

Once you have heard it, we are sure you will agree: She's Electric.



Ess Sabre Dac

Discrete chips set Sabre Hyperstream Dac with fluctuations removal in the domain of time, discrete oscillator and dynamic range of 112 dB for demanding listeners.




The implementation of IFI Bluetooth does not use a SOC (system in a standard chip) as seen in other places. Use a combination of quality elements to extract the maximum of each stage.

The Qualcomm chip routes the digital Bluetooth signal without processing a specialized Sabre Dac chip to convert the digital to analog signal; Any fluctuation is eliminated using our GMT femt precision watch system to provide Bluetooth that is a higher cut.




Large technologies of fluctuations eradication to the digital stage are applied, including our GMT femtoprecision clock (Global Master Timing) and the smart memory buffer. This represents a total systematic digital solution 'list to use' that solves the jitter once and for all.

Large technologies of fluctuations eradication to the digital stage are applied, including our GMT femtoprecision clock (Global Master Timing) and the smart memory buffer.

The low fluctuation clock has been updated to provide better performance> 20DB.




With network/wifi reproduction Linkplay, Spotify and Tidal integrated, and wide protocol support for 32 bits/192 kHz. dawn It can also be used without a computer to transmit audio directly.




ART  (Automatic Room Tailoring) is a system of 'room correction' developed completely internally.

Just by pressing a button, six sensors measure the distance to the surrounding walls by ultrasonic sound. Then, an ARM Cortex microprocessor of 32 bits adjusts the output of the speaker set to precisely adapt the musical interpretation.

All adjustments are made strictly in analog domain, without depending on the DSP or feedback as with many other room correction systems. The result is an impressive realism 'live' as if you were in the concert.




Truebass: The depth and quality of the serious ones offered by lifestyle systems all in one often leave much to be desired.

The system Truebass, which incorporates the two Graves Radiators of 8 'that shoot down, offers genuine serious with realistic depth and definition. Two -level depth control means that you can adjust the serious response according to your tastes, up to 27 Hz impressive.

Everything, from the timbales to a low and a low electronics line, is transmitted with power and poise.




Soundspace: The set of speakers with a patented matrix adjusts the level of exit of specific controllers at certain frequencies. Gives to dawn An immersive performance that fills the room, which allows the sound scenario to extend beyond the individual cabinet.

Music has a sense of scale and space that would simply not expect from a music system all in one.




Russian 6N3P belongs to the family of Premium 2C51 Valves/Tubes. Each half of the tube is used as a preamplifier stage for the left and right channels.

The 6N3P puts beauty at stake.




Pureemotion It is our patented amplification technology. It is a hybrid circuit design that includes several key stages.

The first of them, the preamplification stage, incorporates a 6N3P Russian valve (visible through a window next to the OLED screen). This takes the analog audio signal delivered by the Aurora DAC Circuits, based on a chip of the renowned Sabre Dac family of 32 bits of EsS Technology, and adds gain in preparation for greater amplification, imbueting the sound with pure hue, open images and natural fluidity.






High resolution bluetooth audio with APTXHD/APTX/LDAC/HWA (LHDC)/AAC.
Red audio with reproduction from NAS or server, airplay, audio streaming (Spotify/Apple Music/Amazon Music/Tidal Hifi/Deezer, etc.) and USB storage/SD 44.1khz/16bit - 192khz/32bit.
S/P-DIF Coaxial and optical (Blu-ray player, game console, smart TV, etc.) 44.1 kHz/16 bits-192 kHz/24 bits.
RCA and 3.5mm (for Alexa or analog audio).

Speakers system

4 x 4.5 "(120mm) Paper cone coated with broadband driver.
2 x 1.1 "(28mm) Silk dome tweeter (8 kHz crossing).
2 Passive steel radiators 120 mm x 200 mm (4.5 "x 8").
Frequency response: 27Hz - 40khz.
Maximum SPL: 115db / 1m.


Hybrid with class A amplification A. Power shock absorbers that work at 1.411MHz/1,536MHz with clock block.
15Hz frequency response to 150khz.
Maximum power 320VA (12V input for automobile/sailor power supplies).
Distortion <0.05%.


59cm device (w) x 27cm (h) x 28cm (d) - 15kg 24 ″ (w) x 11 ″ (h) x 11 ″ (d) - 33lb.
Sent 69cm (w) x 50cm (h) x 40cm (d) - 20kg 28 ″ (w) x 20 ″ (h) x 16 ″ (d) - 44lb.



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