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Zen Phono

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Ifi Zen Phono: Fall in love with your LP again

Genealogy. Performance. Peerless.

LPS + Zen = Magic combo.

You have been building the LP vinyl record collection of your dreams for years. We know it because we have done the same!
Zen Phono is a wonderful improvement for vinyl configuration. Maximize each mm / mc capsule.

Check the AMR / IFI vinyl technology, it will make you carefully study your LP vinyl discs until dawn.

Specified to make you smile

Unlike any other prior phonographic input level. Zen Phono has:

  • Compatible with MM and MC type capsules with profits from 36DB to 72DB.
  • Super silent soil noise -151DBV
  • An intelligent subsonic filter. It is distorted without eliminating serious.

Silent whisper

The prior to bad phono create their own power supply from the network, as a network regenerator. This is essential for a well -designed phonographic scenario. Without this, you will have difficulty amplifying the signal without additional noise. This is the reason why Phono's previous one presents the "whistle" so annoying.

Unusually, the Zen Phono has its own high -tech clean power supply. Create a 1.2MHZ power supply (20,000 x 60Hz network frequency). In this circuit, a 10 µF filter condenser = 200,000 µF at lower audible frequencies. With serious noise filtration levels, it works at the level of classic LC filtering circuits found in classic valve amplifiers. In its own PCB "Isla", it is isolated so that there is no noise of the analog scenario.

Simply clean power supply ± 12V DC.

The EIN (equivalent input noise) is -151DBV. It is 20DBV quieter than some Stereophile class A + phonos that are -131DBV.


The EQ circuit uses several TDK C0G capacitors in parallel. This is used to have better stability and the least distortion. These condensers are better than polystyrene capacitors and are close to the capacity of Teflon capacitors.

Using the lowest tolerance capacitors combined with parallel multiples, tolerance is exponentially improved by the square root of the number of capacitors. This is a fairly elegant circuit design.

The Riaa EQ (± 0.15 dB) tolerance level is impressive since it is on par with the condensers manually selected.

With a large circuit they need large components

The Zen Phono has some really good audio components that support the fabulous design of the circuit that has leaked from his brothers AMR PH-77 and ifi iphon of ultra fidelity.

Super subsonic

The intelligent subsonic filter is from the iPhono range and is quite special. Normal subson filters eliminate noise and serious and add phase problems.
Our exclusive subsonic filter phono AI eliminates only "noise."

Since the launch of the first iPhono in 2012, we have used our own internal "subsonic filter. It became the iPhono2 and the iPhono3 and now, the Zen Phono, which is the first time this filter is seen at such an affordable price level.

As only a minimal vertical modulation remains at very low frequencies with a real -cut LP vinyl disk that can be reproduced, we know that "vertical modulation" at low frequencies must be WARP. So we design a filter to take advantage of this.

This is not an artificial but real knowledge. By completely understanding how the LP vinyl discs are cut and reproduced, it is possible to filter the recording warp with force without attenuating at the same time the low low or add group delay.

Compatible with mm capsules and mc capsules

With mm capsules and MC type capsules, high and low and very low gain, Zen Phono can handle almost any capsule. From 36DB to 72DB. Then, as your vinyl system grows over time, Zen Phono will always keep up.

Balanced circuit design

Simply not seen at this price, it is a method higher to the traditional single -end circuit approach. Balanced circuits reduce noise and diaphonia. Less interference: clearer sound.

OV series operations amplifiers

This OV series operational amplifier is another example of a first category component that is used to obtain an extremely low noise, low distortion (0.0001%) and a wide bandwidth.

Panasonic ECPU capacitors

Each ECPU condenser is built from about 3500 layers of ultrafine dielectric ones of less than 0.5 μm thick. It offers equivalent series resistance (ESR) leader in its class, low impedance and frequency stability and extremely low distortion.

Integrated Texas Instruments Circuits

Integrated Texas Institutions Integrated Instruments circuits offer a large unitary gain bandwidth, very low noise and distortion, high output transmission capacity, food source rejection relationships and common mode of more than 100 dB, wide, width large band of maximum output oscillation and high response speeds.

TDK ceramic capacitors

TDK C0G capacitors (class 1 ceramics) offer high stability and low losses for resonant circuit applications. They are expensive but they are a perfect complement to our products.

Multicapa Murata Cosemers

MULTICAPA CONDENSORS Type Murate Control, Baja ESR and High Q. The 'control of the Murata control is something special. Your noise suppression capabilities are impressive.

Profit configuration MC (V LOW) 72DB (+/- 1DB)
MC (low) 60DB (+/- 1DB)
MC (high) 48db (+/- 1db)
Mm 36db (+/- 1db)
Subsonic AI filter Only solve the 'deformation' in the LP
No negative impact on Graves's response
Maximum output voltage (RMS) 20V RMS BAL output at 100K (<1% THD & N)
13.5V RMS BAL output at 600R (<1% THD & N)
Departure impedance Balanced 200 resistive ohms
Single Ended 100 resistive ohms
Signal / noise ratio 94DB (a) mm Re 2V Bal / 1v Unobe
80 dB (not weighted 80khz bw) mm re 2v bal / 1v unobic
84 dB (A) MC High Re 2V Bal / 1V Unobe
71DB (not weighted 80khz bw) mm re 2v bal / 1v unobic
79DB (not weighted 80khz bw) mc low re 2v bal / 1v unobic
69DB (not weighted 80khz bw) mc vlo re 2v bal / 1v unobic
EIN (equivalent input noise) 0.6nv | / Hz (not weighted) mc lo / vlo -151dbv (weighted a)
  -141DBV (not weighted)
6.5NV | / Hz (not weighted) mm / mc Hi -130DBV (weighted a)
  -119DBV (not weighted)
Harmonic distortion <-110DB / 0.0003% MM RE 2V BAL / 1V UNOB
<-80DB / 0.01% MC LO RE 2V BAL / 1V UNAL
<-86DB / 0.005% MC VLO RE 2V BAL / 1V UNAL
DIMENSIONS 158 mm (length) x 117 mm (width) x 35 mm (high)
WEIGHT 515 grams


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