USB-C cable to USB-C 90 ° OTG
USB-C cable to USB-C 90 ° OTG
USB-C cable to USB-C 90 ° OTG
USB-C cable to USB-C 90 ° OTG
USB-C cable to USB-C 90 ° OTG
USB-C cable to USB-C 90 ° OTG
USB-C cable to USB-C 90 ° OTG

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USB-C cable to USB-C 90 ° OTG

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IFI OTG Cable 90º Type C

Are you looking for an OTG cable with a turn? How about an angle?

The IFI Audiophile Type C type C cable provides a stable and convenient superior connection for when typical cables are not enough.

OTG with a twist

Well, with an angle of 90 ° to be precise.

The OTG cables transfer the digital signal of your phone to your DAC. This connection must be stable and comfortable to use.

Sometimes, regular straight line cables simply do not work with your devices in the way you wanted. Therefore, the new 90 ° USB-C on-The-scle cable has a 90 ° connection for a more comfortable adjustment.

Apple or Android

The 90 ° USB-C ON-THE-GO (OTG) IFI cable is ideal for both Android mobile phones and Apple devices.

For Apple, it will work with its devices that have a USB port of type C.

With Android, make sure your Android phone is compatible with USB host mode so that the OTG cable can extract the digital signal.

Upper signal

IFI includes the need for quality in each of the components of its system. OTG cables need even more care, since they suffer more wear for all that action during trips.

We manufacture our cables with top quality materials. They are built with pure oxygen -free molten copper, an excellent driver, to provide a clean and higher signal from your phone to your DAC.

This maintains its sound during trips at a first category level at all times.

Driver material copper copper continuous Oxygen Free of HC with heavy continuous casting silver
Energy cable section 26 AWG
Data cable section 28 AWG
Soft pps thread tissue shield
USB connectors "final" type C ifi
Insulation resistance 100 mohms
Dimensions 105 mm (length) x 6.5 mm (high) x 17.8 mm (wide)
75 mm cable length
Weight 5 g

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