USB-A Cable A USB-C OTG-On request
USB-A Cable A USB-C OTG-On request
USB-A Cable A USB-C OTG-On request
USB-A Cable A USB-C OTG-On request

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USB-A Cable A USB-C OTG-On request

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OTG cables
Connect to your Android device with a cable should provide a decent connection. But what if it could be even better?
IFI Audiophile Degree OTG cables provide a super stable connection that provides superior sound.

On the progress
IFI includes the need for quality in each component of your system.
Cables on the march (OTG) should not be an exception. In fact, these really need extra care and attention. His own name suggests that they will suffer more wear than if they were home!

Simply the best
The OTG cables go between their smartphone phone and their DAC. We produce both USB C and the micro USB version.

They transfer the digital signal of your phone to your DAC. This connection must be stable. That is why we use a USB 3.0 female connector type A. It is proven that it is a much more reliable connection. We believe that you deserve the best, even in small things.

Upper signal
We also manufacture our cables with first -class materials.
They are built of continuous molten copper of oxygen -free pure, an excellent driver, to deliver a superior and clean signal from your phone to your DAC.
This, in turn, offers you the best sound for you and your music to be moving.

Perfect to use with Android phones
Our OTG cables extract a digital signal easily. We offer micro USB and USB C. options The USB C version is 3.0 standard.
The USB 3.0 'A' female connector provides a much more reliable connection, a factor that not many manufacturers take into account.
This fits directly into a plane -type USB port of the IDSD Micro or Nano black label and guarantees a strong and stable audio connection.
Our Audiophile degree OTG cables are constructed of pure continuous of molten copper, which conducts a clean sound between its Android and Dac.
And it is not only the interior that receives the IFI treatment.
The cables are not only loudly higher, but they are also super intelligent with a sexy ceramic finish to add that class touch.

COMPATIBILITY Super-Speed ​​USB3.0 (and USB2.0 compatible with previous versions)
Connectors USB3.0 and USB Golden Connectors Type C
LENGTH 120 mm
WEIGHT 8.7 g


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