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IFI Powerstation

Our audiophile extension block provides super silent power to your system.

Whatever its configuration, digital, analog or both, the Powerstation will ensure that its system receives a super silent electricity.


Power for the people

The IFI Powerstation is for all who like their audio free of interference.

It comes in 4 variants: United Kingdom, EU and Au with 6 individual plugs and USA ./japón with 8.

Stop the RFI or EMI noise and enjoy an audio without pain, all from a solid and elegant dark anodized aluminum feed block.


Ready, Set, Go!

Powerstation uses Active Noise Cancelation II of IFI to actively eliminate noise in the entire frequency range, even at the lowest frequencies.

Each output has added passive filters to also eradicate the noise of the highest frequencies.


Nothing left randomly ...

Each output is insulated independently in its own camera to avoid cross contamination, with the addition of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acid) that cushions vibrations.

We use PURCOPPER, a form of continuing smelting ofhc (high oxygen -free conductivity) with a purity of 99,9999 %, for its superior conductivity.


Gives you the earth ...

Powerstation has incorporated earth/mass detection.

No ground connection can cause annoying buzzs and buzzs: the audio scourge.

We have added a 4 mm banana connector to the Powerstation so that a ground connection cable can be used to create a ground connection when there is not one.

Bingo, the sound is gone.


... but keep you grounded

And the Powerstation is intelligent. The supplementary ground connection will not introduce a ground loop even if the system is already grounded.

More than one land would also create a land loop that would cause more buzzing and buzzing and we don't want that.


Fiercely protective

Polarity detection is vital if you do not want to hinder the quality of your audio network. With Powerstation, this is integrated.

And never fear, max. The protection against over -the -age of 30,000 to 1000 V/10 US is also here. If it detects a voltage climb or a short circuit in the electricity grid, the Powerstation will turn off, protecting its equipment downstream from danger.


Beginning not so humble

Powerstation does not forget where it came from: the original ac ipurifier.

You can still use your original ac ipurifier with Powerstation: Use them to separate your digital and analog devices to further reduce noise pollution.


All audio systems can be affected by poor quality of the electricity grid, a problem that affects us many of us, especially those who live in towns and cities. The quality of our electricity grid is even more eroded by the abundance of cheap switching food sources in typical appliances and the RFI/EMI sea in which we constantly bathe. The signals that move the speakers control units are electric; If the "unrefined fuel" of which these signals are formed, the energy with which we feed our systems, the negative impact on sound quality is inevitable. In IFI we manufacture a series of highly effective products that reduce 'noise' (distortion) in incoming electrical energy, either directly from the electricity grid or through USB ports, but Powerstation is the first to offer our active cancellation of patented noise In its whole. System, six/eight outputs network solution.


  • IFI Powerstation actively cancels all noise. This means that it is able to cancel much more noise in the entire frequency range than a passive product, even at the lowest frequencies.
  • Additional passive filters have been added at each output to eradicate the noise of the highest frequencies.
  • Each output is independently isolated in its own camera to avoid cross contamination in a differential way, with the addition of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) strategically placed to cushion vibrations.
  • Powerstation indicates the correct polarity so that it can avoid damage due to polarity problems.
  • It also shows if your system is grounded. Powerstation has a ground/earth taking so that you can add an earth cable to get rid of the buzzing/buzzing caused by the lack of land.
  • Powerstation will not cause a land loop if you insert a ground cable into the ground/earth plug even when your system is already grounded.
  • The protection against overthensions incorporated protects its system against short circuits, peaks and surge in the power supply and possible damage to the equipment.
  • You can use your existing ac ipurifiers with the Powerstation. Separate its digital and analog devices to ensure even lower noise pollution.


Our wireless purification system (WPS) is a complex circuit that reduces the noise of the electricity line without audible or measured side effects.

This is important because other solutions, trying to stop the noise, also hinder dynamics.


Our Intelligent Ground is an intelligent diagnostic tool. It will only actively provide a ground connection if your system needs it. It will not create an earth loop if the system is already grounded.

Outlet protection (OSP) is an automatic detection and cutting circuit.

If it detects an excessive voltage increase or a short circuit in the electricity network, it will be cut automatically. If this problem persists, you will not restart and protect your damage equipment.

It is effective up to a max. 30,000 A at 1000 V/10 US.

Based on military technology, our Active Noise Cancellation II improved actively cancels all incoming noise.

It does so in a similar way to the headphones with active noise cancellation: it generates a signal identical to that of incoming electrical noise but in the opposite phase, actively canceling it. This is very effective in eliminating the noise of low and medium frequencies, while passive insulating filters deal with higher frequency interference. This combination is considerably more effective in eradicating the noise that corrupts the USB signal than the devices that are based solely on passive filtering.


You can use AC iPurifiers at the Powerstation.

The more ac ipurifiers use, the cleaner will be the general power. If the ac ipurifier is placed in the middle of the Powerstation, it will also act as a shield against the noise. The noise is reduced, isolates and limits to the respective left/right sections of the AC iPurifier.

Use it to separate your analog and digital devices.


LED indicators show polarity and earth detection. As usual, green is good, red means a problem.

There are four possible combinations and can be found in a brief table in the user manual. This tells him what the problem is and suggests how to solve it.


Purcopper, a continuous molten copper form (high oxygen -free conductivity) with a purity of 99,9999 %, is widely used by its superior conductivity.

This includes high -caliber internal wiring of 13 AWG with multicapa polymer insulation, solid purcopper collecting bars and the conductive elements of the outputs themselves.

This is an active, not passive product. As can be seen in the graph, it cancels much more noise in the frequency range than a passive product.

Active filtration is much better at lower frequencies, at -40DB. Passive filtration is only really effective at the upper end of the frequency range.



Weight reduction > 40DB (> 100x)
Overthens protection Max. 30,000a @ 1,000v/10us
SIZE Ø 478mm (l) x 96mm (w) x 76mm (h)
WEIGHT 1.98 (kg)

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