Hip Dac 3 - Open Box
Hip Dac 3 - Open Box
Hip Dac 3 - Open Box
Hip Dac 3 - Open Box
Hip Dac 3 - Open Box
Hip Dac 3 - Open Box
Hip Dac 3 - Open Box
Hip Dac 3 - Open Box
Hip Dac 3 - Open Box
Hip Dac 3 - Open Box
Hip Dac 3 - Open Box
Hip Dac 3 - Open Box
Hip Dac 3 - Open Box
Hip Dac 3 - Open Box
Hip Dac 3 - Open Box
Hip Dac 3 - Open Box
Hip Dac 3 - Open Box
Hip Dac 3 - Open Box
Hip Dac 3 - Open Box

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Hip Dac 3 - Open Box

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Hip Dac 3

The legacy continues.

Know the Hip-Dac 3: A DAC/Amplifier of high-resolution portable headphones, now in Titanium Shadow with more versatility.


Titanium shadow. Innovations that mark trend.

Now, our high -resolution portable headphone amplifier/DAC that works with batteries is adorned in the Titanium Shadow tone, radiating timeless elegance with a touch of modern sophistication. The transformation extends beyond aesthetics. The elegant hip-DAC 3 aluminum housing houses new functions, designed to improve its audio experience.

Two USB-C ports simplify cable management: one for audio and one for load. A switch at the bottom activates IFI's IEMatch technology, which is optimized for headphones and high sensitivity headphones, which makes it especially beneficial for its internal monitors (IEM).

Inside, the device has improvements in the circuit, including new metal film capacitors for a better frequency response. In addition, an updated version of the IFI GMT circuit, along with a new glass oscillator, further reduces phase noise and gives it a purest sound.


Petaca size. Magnum performance.

With its elegant and robust aluminum housing, the portable hip-Dac 3 fits discreetly in a pocket or bag. Replace the DAC and the amplifier deficient on smartphones, tablets, PC and Mac. Simply connect it through USB-C, connect your favorite headphones and enjoy a rich and dynamic sound.

IFI's experience with the Burr-Brown chipset guarantees optimal performance. However, a higher DAC stage implies more than the DAC chip. A crucial element is the XMOS chip to process digital audio inputs. The Hip-Dac 3 has an XMOS microcontroller of 16 cores, programmed by IFI's internal team to optimize sound quality and guarantee a perfect high-resolution association with the DAC Burr-Brown.


HYP-DAC 3 Your headphones that consume a lot of energy.

The Hip-Dac 3 presents a truly balanced circuit design, unusual in its price range. This design minimizes signal distortion, which results in a purest and most captivating sound for its headphones.

The circuit incorporates high quality components, including a custom IFI OV operational amplifier, an integrated power supply circuit of low noise instruments and a premium analog volume potentiometer.

The amplifier stage can deliver up to 400 MW in a 32 -ohm headphones load, which makes it compatible with a wide range of headphones. In addition, it efficiently controls high impedance headphones with an output voltage of 6.3 V to 600 ohms from the balanced output.


Designed for your headphones and helmets

The amplifier stage has switching gain, called PowerMatch, to guarantee an optimal power for the headphones you are using.

A switch at the bottom activates IFI's IEMatch technology, optimizing the high sensitivity headphones output, especially internal monitors (IEM). Reduces whistle, improves details and dynamic range and improves the volume control range.

XBBASS is a user selectable function that enhances the serious ones without clouding the average range, ideal for your headphones and open headphones. Work in the analog domain, avoiding alterations via DSP.


Play all your files, including MQA

High -resolution PCM and DXD audio data are compatible with sampling frequencies up to 384 KHz, along with 2.8 MHz DSD to 12.4 MHz (DSD64, 128 and 256).

The complete decoding of MQA, the high -resolution transmission technology, used by the level 'Hifi Plus' of Tidal, which performs the complete decoding process of 'three deployments' (instead of only only the final deployment to the way of an MQA). rendering ').

On each side of the rotating volume control are a pair of LEDs that change color to indicate the format and frequency of incoming audio sampling.



The USB-C input of the Hip-Dac 3 admits audio up to 32 bits/384 kHz, compatible with USB 3.0 and 2.0. Its asynchronous design guarantees a data transfer without fluctuations. A separate USB-C load port allows use while loading, preserving a pure audio signal route.

The hip-DAC 3 provides two outputs: a 3.5 mm outlet for single-end headphones and a balanced 4.4 mm output for those with balanced connectivity, taking advantage of the differential amplifier design of the device. The 3.5 mm output uses IFI's S-Balanced circuit, minimizing diaphony and distortion for single-end connections.

The 2200 mAh battery of the Hip-Dac 3 offers up to 12 hours of playback, depending on the volume and energy needs of the headphones. It includes a USB-C cable and a USB-A USB-C cable.


Hip-Case Protect your Hip-Dac 3

The HIP-DAC series has a 102x70x14 mm durable aluminum housing. For greater protection and a touch similar to the suede.

Our hip case in synthetic suede Gray Paloma is perfect. It adapts perfectly to all HYP-DAC models without compromising the function.

Protect your hip-Dac 3 with the hip-case.


The Burr-Brown True Native® chipset means that file formats remain unchanged or "bit-perfects." This means that you are listening to music as the artist conceived it in the format in which he was recorded.

In Ifi we widely used Burr Brown in our products and select it for its "musical" natural sound and its architecture True Native. Our experience with this IC means that we know how to make the most of it.


The 16 -nuclei XMOS chip processes the audio data received through the USB digital input.

This new low latency microcontroller has an enormously improved processing power. Compared to the current generation of eight -nuclei chips, this new 16 -core IC offers twice as a clock speed (2000 mips) and four times the memory (512 KB), as well as the last USB Superspeed standard.

IFI's internal digital development team has programmed the XMOS firmware to optimize sound quality and guarantee a perfect association with the DAC Burr-Brown.


MQA (authenticated master quality)

MQA is a British award -winning technology that offers the sound of the original master recording. The MQA Master Archive is completely authenticated and is small enough to transmit it or download it. He hip-Dac2 Adopt MQA technology to receive and decode MQA audio and provide a master level sound.

Visited mqa.co.uk for more information.


It is a method superior to the traditional one -end circuit approach. Balanced circuits reduce noise and diaphonia. Less interference: clearer sound.

Normally you will find this product configuration at the upper end of the price spectrum, such as Pro Ican Signature, but IFI now uses it in all its range to produce the best quality audio for all our customers.


XBass is an analog headphones. Open your music to give you the feeling of amplitude that is experienced in a live concert.


The S-Balanced® circuit  IFI exclusive offers maximum performance of both balanced headphones and a single end.

See our technical note  To deepen more.



Input USB-C
Supported formats DSD256 / PCM384KHZ / Complete MQA Decoder
Dac Brown Rebaba
Headphones outputs 4.4 mm, 3.5 mm
Power output Bal 400 MW at 32 Ω; 6.3 V at 600 Ω
Unabal 280 MW at 32 Ω; 3.2 V at 600 Ω
SNR Bal <109 dB (a) at 0 dbfs
Unabal <103 dB (a) to 0 dbfs
DNR Bal <109DB (A)
Unabal <103DB (A)
THD+N. Bal <0.006x % (360 MW/2.0 V at 600 Ω)
Unabal <0.01 % (100 MW/1.27 V at 16 Ω)
Frequent response 20 Hz - 45 kHz (-3 dB)
Energy consumption <2W inactive, 4W max.
Battery 2.200MAH Lithium Polymer
Up to 12 hours
Power system Load via USB-C, compatible with BC V1.2 up to 1000 mA of load current
Dimensions 102 x 70 x 14 mm (4.0 "x 2.8" x 0.6 ")
Net weight 135 grams


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