Hip Dac 2
Hip Dac 2
Hip Dac 2
Hip Dac 2
Hip Dac 2
Hip Dac 2
Hip Dac 2
Hip Dac 2
Hip Dac 2
Hip Dac 2
Hip Dac 2
Hip Dac 2
Hip Dac 2

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Hip Dac 2

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Ifi Hip Dac 2

The IFI Hip-Dac 2 has been updated to offer a more pleasant audio experience in a portable and compact headphones amplifier.

Elegantly finished in a vibrant "orange sunset", the hip-Dac to go anywhere is designed to slide discreetly in a pocket and offers a wide high sound resolution specification that surprises with its eminently affordable price.

The HIP-DAC replaces the lower DAC (digital to analog converter) and the amplifier circuit on smartphones, tablets, PC and Mac to greatly improve the sound of the headphones.

Its design and performance are distinguished from other headphones amplifiers with DAC in its class. Connect your reproduction device through USB, connect your in-to-to-cable headphones with diadema favorites or headphones and the hip-DAC will offer a very bold dynamism and fluid sound. Refinement, involving the listener with all kinds of music. At home, in the office, on a train or plane, the hip-Dac is the inseparable friend of the music lover.


Key features:

Enjoy amazing music available to your hand quickly and easily with the compact device and easy to use.

Connect the hip-DAC through the USB between your intelligent device, laptop, etc. And cable headphones while there is away from home.

Connect it to your PC or Mac at home or in the office.

The hip-DAC reproduces high-resolution PCM and DXD files, "Bit Perfect" up to 384 kHz and even DSD256 DSD256 and MQA.

Take the most of your balanced headphones wherever you are with the 4.4 mm hip-dac plugs.

Take advantage of the benefits of balanced design even with normal headphones, since the 3.5 mm single-type Ended (unique extreme) takes our exclusive S-Balanced technology to reduce diaphonia and distortion in half.

The analog output stage of the hip-DAC is a balanced (differential) design that translates into less interference and diaphonia.

Improve and adjust the sound of the hip-DAC to your reproduction tastes with additional and exclusive IFI firmware.

Benefit of PowerMatch (switching gain) to adapt to the sensitivity of the headphones.

Active XBBAS


True Native

The Hip-Dac DAC section is based on a DAC Burr-Brown chip that we use widely in our products, selected for its fluid sound quality, highly "musical" and its architecture True Native.



The Burr-Brown chip, combined with our personalized IFI circuit, allows the HYP-DAC to offer excellent sound quality in all types of digital audio formats, including PCM Bit Perfect, Native DSD and MQA, the high high transmission codec Resolution, as used by the "Master" level of Tidal.


Audio hi-ores

High -resolution PCM and DXD audio data are compatible with sampling frequencies up to 384khz, along with 2.8MHz DSD to 12.4MHZ (DSD64, DSD128 and DSD256). On each side of the rotating volume control they reside a couple of LEDs that change color to indicate the type of format and the sampling frequency of the digital audio that is being reproduced.


Updated GMT watch

The new IFI Hip Dac 2 has updated its GTM watch.



The extensive clock blocking system Eradica El Jitter (Digital Distortion), using our GMT Precision Clock System of femtosecondos to maintain the integrity of the digital signal until the conversion to analog. The USB input of Hip-DAC handles audio data of up to 32Bits / 384khz and admits the USB 3.0 "Superspeed" standard, as well as USB 2.0 for compatibility with previous versions. It is asynchronous, which means that the data speed is regulated only by the specialized audio clock circuitry of HYP-DAC for a precise data transfer and without fluctuations from the source device.


Exclusive firmware

The XMOS chip used at the HYP-DAC, which processes the audio data received at the USB input, is programmed internally. The standard firmware is generally not optimized for an audiophile quality sound, so we program our own custom firmware to improve audio processing. The hypdac can also be adapted to its reproduction priorities downloading and installing different exclusive IFI firmware versions. Experiment with different digital filters, including the GTO filter of our high -end Pro IDSD.


Balanced circuit

The Hip-Dac amplifier circuit is balanced (differential). The balanced audio circuits have been defended by the renowned high -end audio electronics engineer John Curl, now IFI technical consultant, given his ability to reduce the noise within the signal route. John has worked closely with Thorsten Loesch, our chief engineer, and our internal technical team to produce an analog stage of exceptional quality for such a device.

The circuit incorporates a range of high quality components, carefully selected for performance in an audio context, which includes a personalized IFI OV OV operational amplifier, Ceramic condenser C0G C0G class 1, an integrated low -noise power supply circuit Texas Instruments precision and a high quality analog volume wheel.

The headphones amplifier has a nominal power of 400 MW and is capable of delivering more than 700 MW from the balanced output depending on the impedance of the connected headphones. You can handle all types of headphones and headphones in-early.


Balanced sound

The amplifier stage has switching gain, which we call PowerMatch. This matches the level of driving with the load presented by the headphones, adjusting the input sensitivity and, therefore, the intensity of the signal. With the types of high sensitivity headphones, such as In-Ear (IEM) monitors, leave PowerMatch in its lowest configuration for ultra-low noise performance. But if your headphones require more power, for example, most diadema headphones types, press the PowerMatch button on the front panel to increase gain.

It has two outputs: a 3.5 mm outlet for headphones with a single end cable and a 4.4 mm pentacon output that allows headphones equipped with balanced cable to make the most of the differential amplifier design of the hip-DAC.

In addition, the 3.5 mm output benefits from our patented S-Balanedized circuitry, reducing diaphonia and distortion in half when used with normal headphones connections of a single end; This is especially beneficial with high sensitivity in-stall headphones.



This "bass reinforcement" improves low frequencies without clogging the average range, and is particularly useful with in -ar headphones and open circma headphones that can lack deep serious. It works completely in the analog domain instead of playing with the digital signal through the DSP.


USB ports

There are two USB ports: Type A for audio and USB-C data to load. Type A input presents a "male" connector, instead of a typical "female" port. This provides greater mechanical integrity than USB / micro USB ports. This is an advantage for iphone and iPad users, since it accepts the Apple Lightning to USB of camera adapter directly without the need for a female USB adapter to additional male. (The camera adapter is required to connect Apple IOS devices to third -party USB devices).



The 2,200 mash battery lasts between 8 and 12 hours of playback. This depends on the volume level and the power consumed by the connected headphones.



USB Entrance USB 3.0 Type A 

Usb 2.0 high speed asynchronous (32bit/384khz)


Supported formats

DSD256/128/64, Octa/Quad/Double/Single-Speed ​​DSD

DXD (384/352.8khz)

PCM (384/352.8/192/176.4/96/88.2/48/44.1khz)

MQA (384/352.8khz)



Balanced: 400mw@32Ω; 6.3v@600Ω

S.BALANCEADA (S-E): 280MW@32Ω; 3.2V@600Ω


BATTERY 3.8 V / 2200 mAh.

Approximate duration: between 8 hours and 12 hours

USB-C battery charge, BC V1.2 up to 1000Ma of load current


Power consumption

<2W inactive

4W Máximo


DIMENSIONS 102 mm (length) x 70 mm (wide) x 14 mm (high)


Weight 125 grams


Sku: Hip Dac2