Go Bar Kensei - On request
Go Bar Kensei - On request
Go Bar Kensei - On request
Go Bar Kensei - On request
Go Bar Kensei - On request
Go Bar Kensei - On request
Go Bar Kensei - On request
Go Bar Kensei - On request
Go Bar Kensei - On request

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Go Bar Kensei - On request

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The definitive Go bar.

Just as a Kensei deserves an exceptional album, an audiophile deserves an exceptional DAC.


Forged by audio teachers.

Go Bar Kensei is similar to a meticulously forged legendary sword for a kensei. Encing the dedication of a blacksmith teacher, we focus on purity, balance and refinement to reveal the true essence of your music.

With avant -garde Japanese audio processing technology: K2HD and Improved Clock and Food Source, Kensei represents the top of our refinement trip in the GO bars range.

Whether you are traveling, working remotely or traveling for pleasure, the Go Kensei bar offers a perfectly portable solution to raise your headphone experience to heavenly heights.

Kensei is a Japanese term that translates as a "saint of the sword" in English, a title granted to an elite minority that elevates the art and art of the handling of the sword beyond even that of the best sword teachers.


Revitalize the study recording sound with the legendary K2HD.

Despite its pristine clarity, digital recordings sometimes seem emotionally flat and lifeless.

Victor Studio engineers noticed a lack of emotion between their original masters and digital submaster, which caused the search for a solution. They meticulously compared innumerable recordings finished with copies of the recordings, trusting in their instinctive feeling and human experience. Your solution: K2 technology.

The K2 technology process revives rich and natural harmonics in digital sound, adding organic quality like no other. The processing of K2 technology revitalizes the study recording sound, instilling life once again.

“The K2 parameters values ​​provided by IFI this time are completely new K2 parameter values ​​that had never been used before and were selected by Jvckenwood and passed a listening test carried out by study engineers in Victor Studios. While the previous K2 parameters values ​​were established taking into account the correction of product quality itself, the values ​​of the K2 parameters provided this time for ifi are purely the adjustments for the best K2 effect. In this sense, it can be said that the values ​​of the K2 parameters allow you to listen to the ideal "K2 Sound" original. Jvckenwood commented.

"K2 Technology" and "K2HD" are registered trademarks of Jvckenwood Corporation.


Go Bar Kensei Gold Bar - 10th Anniversary Go bar
Material Japanese stainless steel Copper Aluminium alloy
K2HD technology Yeah No No
Clock Ultrabaje Jitter Jitter under standard Jitter under standard
Power supply Improved Improved Standard
Presentation Recorded wooden box Ecological packaging Ecological packaging
Digital filters Yeah Yeah Yeah
IEMATCH Yeah Yeah Yeah
Turbo mode Yeah Yeah Yeah
Headphones outputs 4.4 mm balanced, 3.5 mm S-Bal 4.4 mm balanced, 3.5 mm S-Bal 4.4 mm balanced, 3.5 mm S-Bal
Power (4.4 mm) 475 MW A 32 N; 7.2 V at 600 N 475 MW A 32 N; 7.2 V at 600 N 475 MW A 32 N; 7.2 V at 600 N
Power (3.5 mm) 300 MW to 32 N; 3.8 V at 600 N 300 MW to 32 N; 3.8 V at 600 N 300 MW to 32 N; 3.8 V at 600 N


Custom. Sweet sound

Listen to how you want four personalized digital filters and two analog processing modes, each designed to improve their enjoyment of different musical genres.

Bit-Perfect: It offers natural tones, ideal for all genres.
Gto: Improves the details and sound density, especially suitable for vocal clues.
Minimum phase: It produces a warmer sound, combining characteristics of Bit-Perfect and Standard, perfect for soul and jazz.
Standard: It offers a more intense sound with controlled acute, perfect for pop music and ost movies.

Experience some serious impressive with XBBBS+ and subt Sound in a wide sound field with Xspace.



Advanced chip. Precise watch.

The DAC section of the Go Kensei bar uses a powerful 16 -core Xmos microcontroller to process the audio data received at the USB input. Our internal team has scheduled the XMOS firmware to optimize sound quality and guarantee a perfect association with the 32 -bit cirrus log chipset.

A personalized digital filter minimizes previous echoes and timbre artifacts. Our precision clock system GMT (Global Master Timing) guarantees an ultrabaja fluctuation.

Admits audio formats higher than the streaming:

PCM Up to 32 bits/384 kHz
DSD reproduction native to DSD256
• 2xdxd
• Decoding Complete mqa


Compact and powerful.

The Kensei Go Bar is made of Japanese stainless steel for maximum rigidity.

With its compact dimensions of 65 x 22 x 13.2 mm, it coincides with the size of a USB flash unit. This makes it the perfect travel companion for your mobile phone, tablet or Macbook Pro, and integrates into your life for the use of headphones.

Its USB-C connectivity guarantees plug-And-play comfort, allowing without complications.

The Go Barsei bar offers a maximum output power of up to 477 MW, which is approximately 10 times more powerful than an iphone 15*.

Incorporates two power setting technologies: IEMATCH for high sensitivity and Turbo mode for headphones that consume a lot of energy. This allows you to easily handle a wide range of premium headphones and headphones.

*Compared to the USB-C adapter at 3.5 mm from the iPhone.



Cut the diaphony.

Connect to the Go Kensei bar through 3.5 mm or balanced 4.4 mm s-balanched headphones.

The exclusive S-Balanced technology from 3.5 mm ifi reduces diaphonia and noise by 50 % with normal single headphones.


K2HD processing revives rich and natural harmonics in emotionally flat and lifeless digital recordings.

K2HD's incomparable originality lies in its advanced high frequency extension, which allows the restoration of harmonics and natural surveys beyond 22 KHz, providing an audio quality close to the original teacher.


The 16 -nuclei XMOS chip processes the audio data received through the USB digital input.

This new low latency microcontroller has an enormously improved processing power. Compared to the current generation of eight -core chips, this new 16 -core IC offers twice as a watch speed (2000 mips) and four times the memory (512 kB), as well as the last USB Superspeed standard.

IFI's internal digital development team has programmed the XMOS firmware to optimize sound quality and guarantee a perfect association with 32 -bit Logic DAC chipset of 32 -bit used in the Go bar.

Large technologies for eradication of fluctuations to the digital stage are applied, including our GMT femtoprecision clock (Global Master Timing) and an intelligent memory buffer. This represents a totally systematic digital solution to use that solves the concern once and for all.


Hi-res reproduction True Native® of all music formats, from MP3 to DSD256, PCM384 and DXD384.


TDK C0G capacitors (class 1 ceramics) offer high stability and low losses for resonant circuit applications.

Each and closer to the theoretical ideal of pure constant frequency, these capacitors reduce capacitor -induced distortion at extremely low levels.

They are expensive but they are a perfect complement to our products.


Panasonic OS-Conconic covers with a total of 5410 UF provide very low equivalent series resistance, an excellent noise reduction capacity and frequency response features. In addition, OS-with have a long useful life and their ESR changes little even at low temperatures, since the electrolyte is solid.

They are not usually found in products that cost less than $ 1,000.


Tontalio capacitors are another example of the first category components we prefer. These polarized electrolytic capacitors have higher characteristics of frequency and stability, which gives them super high volumetric efficiency.


High Q and Bajo ESR multilayer capacitors, Murata control type. The aspect of 'ESR' control 'of the Murata is something special. Your noise suppression capabilities are impressive.


The analog circuit of the Go bar It presents a balanced design with a two -channel symmetrical output stage.

This topology, normally reserved for larger and expensive amplifiers due to its cost and complexity, reduces noise and diaphonia on the signal route by completely separating the left and right channels.



Input USB-C
Formats PCM 44.1/48/88.2/96/176,4/192/352.8/384kHz
DSD 2.8/3.1/5.6/6.1/11.3/12.3MHz
DXD 352.8/384 kHz
MQA Complete decoder
Dac DSD and DAC DAC of perfect bits of Cirrus Logic
Headphones output Bal 4.4 mm/S-Bala 3.5 mm
Output power (RMS) Balanced 477 MW at 32 Ω; 7.2 V at 600 Ω
S-Bala 300 MW at 32 Ω; 3.8 V at 600 Ω
Departure impedance ≤1Ω (≤3.6 Ω with activated IEMATCH)
SNR 132DB (A) / 121DB (A) (Bal / S-Bal)
114DB (A) / 114DB (A) (Bal / S-Bal)
DNR 108DB (A) / 109DB (A) (Bal / S-Bal)
THD+N. Balanced ≤0.0025 % (600 Ω 2 V) A (20-20 KHz)
S-Bala ≤0.009 % (16 Ω 1.27 v) A (20-20 KHz)
Frequent response 20 Hz - 70 kHz (-3 dB)
Energy consumption <4W max.
Dimensions 65 x 22 x 13.2 mm (2.6 "x 0.9" x 0.5 ")
Weight 65.5 g (2.3 ounces)


Sku: Go Bar Ken