3.5 mm adapter 4.4 mm - on order
3.5 mm adapter 4.4 mm - on order
3.5 mm adapter 4.4 mm - on order

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3.5 mm adapter 4.4 mm - on order

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Headphone adapter 3.5 mm at 4.4 mm

Allow your single -end headphones to work with a balanced output device of 4.4 mm. 

3.5 to 4.4? NO PROBLEM.

The use of balanced outputs of 4.4 mm is increasingly common, and not only in IFI products. 

Are you fed up with not being able to use your dear headphones at a single end of 3.5 mm with devices that have a balanced output of 4.4 mm? Well, now you can.

Our specialized headphones adapter 4.4 mm to 3.5 mm allows you to do this easily. 

Note: Negative balanced signals are not grounded in the adapter, allowing a single -end of a single 3.5 mm end to use with a balanced outlet of 4.4 mm without risk of damaging the amplifier. This adapter does not convert a single -end connector into a balanced one: the connection remains of a single end.



Dimensions 44x24x11mm (1.7 "x0.9" x0.4 ")
Weight 5.7 g (0.2 ounces)

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