¿Cómo hacer que los auriculares suenen más fuerte en tu iPhone, Android o PC?

How to make headphones sound stronger on your iPhone, Android or PC?

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How to make headphones sound stronger on your iPhone, Android or PC? It is a question that they ask us all the time, here in IFI Audio. To respond to this, we have a range of products that easily solve the problem (and you can read about them later in this article), but first let's start to see the cause of the problem.

Why are the headphones noisy on iPhone, Android or PC?

You have all the latest expensive devices, including powerful atroils and an iPhone, an Android phone or an OC, and you expect a better and stronger sound. But, when you upload the volume, it simply does not become taller or better.

It's like asking someone by bicycle to tow a truck: Simp, there is not enough energy and technology on some music devices to get the best out of decent headphones.

In IFI Audio, we are experts in audio technology and understand the fundamental problem and how to address it.

The poor iPhone/PC are not up to this type of tasks. Imagine asking a person who with basic knowledge of construction, to lift a house ... Of course he will not do work as well and efficient as a specialist!

It is the same scenario when we try to do the same with the audio of our phones because although it can carry out the number 1 task (below), it is a failure when it comes to the two and three tasks. Let's analyze more closely:

  1. Music transmission/storage: Spotify or MP3 files must be played via phone/PC
  2. Convert the digital signal into sound waves, so that the humid ear can listen to music.
  3. Sound waves must be amplified, Because the phone/PC does not have the real energy to operate the headphones.

So what is the answer?

Reproducing stronger and higher quality from headphones can only happen when the phone or PC transmits through a digital to analog and a headphones amplifier, also known as Dac Amp.

In IFI Audio we have a wide range of portable and desktop dacamps' ranging from $ 2,699 mxn to $ 29,999 mxn that cover all levels of music enthusiasts. 

With an IFI Dacamp, it simply connects your phone or PC at one end, the headphones on another. And voila! (Just turn the volume knob to 11)

Check out some of the following DACS that we have for all audiophils.


Zen Air Dac

Micro IDSD Signature


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